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  • Tone - Small compact with cool LEDs-- Fast charge

    I wanted a wireless charger to use with my new s7 edge that provided fast charge. This unit is nice n slim n compact. It has worked very well with fast charging my device and shines LED colors around disk when good connection is made. The LEDS don't stay on after 5 seconds or so. Others have liked that they shut off but I would of preferred them to stay on and change another color when fully charged. U have to go by the LED on your phone to see when fully charged. I think they shut off as to not bother u next to your bed and maybe to keep the heat level down. There is no fan in this charger like the OEM Samsung one has.

  • Ila M. Dummer - Good Book

    Has everything you need to work the program with easy to follow instructions. Love for Dummies books! I have lots of them.

  • R. Caswell - Amazing!!!

    I have a black car. Did that get your attention?? I have an '03 VW Jetta and while my car has always shined up pretty well, every time I take it to the stealership I know there's going to be some fine scratches somewhere the mechanics were working at. I hate it when I look at my car in the sun because I always notice that stuff. So last year I read a lot of reviews on scratch removal, tried a bunch of expensive things, and nothing seem to work on those pesky fine scratches. For those of you who know, anytime you even look at a black car you're going to get fine scratch somewhere because of it. So I read this article about Quixx and thought "It couldn't hurt." So I bought it and it sat in my basement for a while because I had really bigtime doubts. Today I had to do a couple things to my car and figured I would finally give Quixx a shot. So I found a tiny scratch, followed the instructions and "POOF!" the scratch was gone. No fine white line remaining, no nothing. I figured I would give it a shot on a larger, more noticable scratch and "POOF!" that one was gone. THEN I took a flashlight and followed up over the spots I used Quixx on and STILL did not see anything. I am now a believer. Since car paint is a "poly" I'm guessing it manipulates the paint to close the gap where the scratch is. I read a lot of reviews on here where people said it messed up thier paint. Again I am guessing they had older paint and would not reccommend using it on an older paint job. My only suggestion is to follow up with your own polish afterwards. That polish cloth they give you scared me a little bit and while it did shine up, my polish and cloth works better for that. I am actually looking foward to going back over my entire car with the stuff, I highly recommend it!

  • Stephen Hemker - very happy I bought this!

    I've been back and forth on strollers for awhile now, so incredibly happy I finally decided on this one! I've always found a flaw between canopy, baskets, reviews, size when folded, weight, and of course price is always a factor as a sahm and this isn't your first child. The canopy is huge though and provides so much coverage, when living in California this is a huge benefit. The basket is spacious and with multiple access points it makes it even better. Comfy handle bar that can be repositioned. I always have a bottle of water so the cupholder size doesn't bother me. Although I will end up purchasing a stroller organizer to hold sippy cups and more little things I'd like to have more accessible, but thats an easy cheap fix (my only flaw I found in this stroller). I did get a little hesitant when I read some reviews saying the depth of the seat was an issue. But since this is considered a deluxe umbrella, its pretty comparable to umbrella strollers on seat depth. Your child will sit comfortably, my 3&5 year olds have no problem sitting still and comfortably in this,, but it is best to always use the buckle for the wiggle worms. My toddlers dont like sitting in strollers anymore but are very comfortable in it and like this stroller, my 3yr old didnt want to get out and requested to sleep in it. This stroller is sleek and the black on black looks great!