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St. Vincent's HealthCare - SVHC is a faith-based, not-for-profit health system that has served the people of Jacksonville and the surrounding communities since 1916. From its humble beginning to its current status as a regional medical facility offering the latest technology, SVHC provides quality care to people of all ages and incomes.

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  • https://www.jaxhealth.com/doctors/ Choose a Doctor - Jacksonville, FL - St. Vincent's HealthCare - St. Vincent's employs a sizable staff of experienced physicians across many specialties. The search for your next doctor starts here.
  • https://www.jaxhealth.com/locations/ Find a Location - St. Vincent's HealthCare - From hospitals to primary care offices, St. Vincent's has many standard and specialty locations throughout Northeast Florida.
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  • https://www.jaxhealth.com/careers/ St. Vincent's HealthCare Careers - St. Vincent's HealthCare - At St. Vincent's HealthCare we know you want more than just a job. You want a fulfilling career that provides not just a paycheck, but also a way of life and a sense of security for you and your family.
  • https://www.jaxhealth.com/about-us/auxiliary-volunteers/ Volunteer Opportunities At SVHC - St. Vincent's HealthCare - St. Vincent's HealthCare (SVHC) relies on the time, energy, and commitment from many volunteers in the community to help carry out our mission of caring for the sick and the poor.
  • https://www.jaxhealth.com/foundation/ Foundation - St. Vincent's HealthCare - St. Vincent’s HealthCare Foundation is a not-for-profit, philanthropic organization established in 1982 that is committed to enhancing the current and future healthcare needs of Jacksonville and the surrounding area.
  • https://www.jaxhealth.com/about-us/ About St. Vincent's HealthCare - St. Vincent's HealthCare - SVHC is widely recognized for excellence in patient care. From delivering healthy babies to helping older adults through their final years with dignity, SVHC offers a continuum of care that is unsurpassed in North Florida.
  • https://www.jaxhealth.com/foundation/make-a-donation-today/ Make a Gift Today to St. Vincent's - St. Vincent's HealthCare - Foundation giving form for online donations and information on other ways to give.
  • https://www.jaxhealth.com/education/ Educational Opportunities At St. Vincent's HealthCare - St. Vincent's HealthCare - St. Vincent's HealthCare offers residency opportunities and career-education opportunities at their School of Medicial Sceince.
  • https://www.jaxhealth.com/patients-visitors/patient-visitors-guide/admission/patient-privacy-and-pin/ SVHC Patient Privacy & Pin Number System - St. Vincent's HealthCare - Called HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act requires all healthcare providers to take steps to make sure information about your health and any care you are provided remains confidential.

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