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  • Carl Konosky - sh*t

    This product is Sh*t. It foams up and makes a huge mess. sticks to everything else but what you want it to. takes forever to dry and when it does its a nasty poo brown and impossible to get rid of, yet somehow what you tried to glue together doesn't hold?

  • Mark Shaw - Great alternative to the OEM flaps !!

    These flaps are well made and you can buy a pair for about 20% of the price of the Toyota flaps. They are custom fit and you woulnd never know they were aftermarket parts. The fasteners that came with them did not work for my Tacoma. I re-used the screws and a couple of the plastic clips from the old ones. I had to elongate one hole that didnt line up perfect but that was easy. Great product for a great price !

  • Amazon Customer - Ate an edible 2.5 months before test and passed.

    Alright folks, I am writing a review as a 100% customer. I'm not getting paid to write this good review or whatever. I ate one (whole) HIGHLY potent pot cookie that got me SUPER LIT. I ate that cookie late February, early March. I can't remember the exact date. Anyways, I took a drug test (hair test) a week and a half ago which adds to about 2-2.5 months from the time I ate the cookie and the time of the test. I passed the test. The only thing I can think of that made me pass, other than drinking a ton of fluids and green tea, was this product. I personally did a crazy amount of research because I was paranoid I wasn't going to pass this test and I really needed to for a job. This stuff works, just follow the instructions and try to complete the process completely within and hour or two before the actual test. Best of luck folks.