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  • snowwhite778 - A show that is FINALLY willing to go there. Beautifully... SICKLY... masterfully done.

    This is how writers and producers show the courage to make the best shows on TV and in Theaters. This is Empires Strikes back, this is unreal and so well done.

  • Vicky S - Produces Faster Hair Growth

    I've been taking Biotin and HairXT for about a month and can definitely report faster hair growth. I'd like increased hair thickness and will continue taking the product and hoping that the next bottle brings not only faster growth but additional thickness!

  • Arya Kolaei - Best DAT study material out there

    Excellent costumer service. The product is as described. Truly one of the best study material out there. I have been focusing on the PAT portion of the DAT and I find the product to be an excellent source for getting use to the type of questions that can appear on the DAT. Once you have done the test you can review each question individually, where a you are able to view the question diagrams in 3D and able to rotate and analyze the shapes to better understand why you have made a mistake. I highly recommend this product to anyone who is trying to prepare for the DAT's. It was recommended to me by few of my friends and they were right it is the best product out there.

  • DocTheology - It Really Works

    I have a prescription cream that is mixed only at the Mayo Clinic and is a special mixture they designed for joints, arthritis, and damaged muscles. It costs about $150 for 4 oz. I admit that the prescription has a little more punch in the numbing effect. However, on selected days I use the Australian Dream Cream and find that it is a solid relief for the pain and muscle soreness. I have arthritis in the neck, shoulder and knees from a serious accident over 20 years ago and this cream provides me about 75% relief on the days I use it. They do have a good guarantee to send back the empty container if you do not like it, but read the small print...you have to send the jar back within a limited time and it is really not enough time to see the long-term effects on your joints and your needs. But I think there is good value to the cream.

  • K. Virgo - Best Price

    A cap full of salt in a baggie with your hygrometer will give you the plus or minus that your hygrometer is off. That's all you need to know to be accurate with your readings. The salt is always 75%. If your hygrometer reads 82%, then its reading +7. Simply subtract 7 from your hygrometers reading to get the actual humidity. It's really that simple.

  • SWoftheRockies - Goodbye free time!

    5 weeks in and it's still very addictive. I had a warning about the cable not being optimized, but upgrading from Windows 8 to 10 solved that...not that I ever noticed the issue. I'm 50 and non-musical. I wanted something new challenge myself. This works great. There have been a few times when a practice lasted 5 minutes and I just wasn't getting it. It happens. Other times I've played for hours and my fingers burned. Rocksmith helps a lot. Plenty to do to improve on skills and lots of variety to prevent boredom. Would prefer if the tone selection missions (picking amps, filters, etc.) was cut down. Maybe presented differently as I don't see this as the best way to get exposure to all the options, or the many settings for each option, (and there are a lot). Still, very worthy of 5 stars.