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  • Phazie - Outlook 2010 - No advantage to previous outlook.

    Outlook is a great email program. Unfortunately, 2010 is difficult to set up with some service providers. I can't say that it is a problem with Microsoft or the provider but since I have had 2 different providers, it would seem that it is in the software from Microsoft. Still, I like this software since it is easier to use than other web-based email programs. Being able to have a contact list with details and notes is a plus. Three stars because of difficulty in getting it to work initially and because of the cost to purchase when the added features do not add any advantage in using the program.


    To be honest, I only read about the first five pages. But those first five pages were so poorly written and so based on Internet rumor that I couldn't go any further and immediately printed a return shipping label to send this book back. The footnotes alone clue one in to the fact that this is not a scholarly and vetted treatise. Virtually all of the footnotes reference a Google search. For example, if the author makes an assertion of the Illuminati, he might put a footnote referencing the reader to "Google search Illuminati."

  • Chin - Five Stars

    The packaging is excellent nice thickness glass is what I always look for when buying screen protectors

  • Megan Werth - Really helped with fine lines and acne!

    As I am getting older, I have started to notice some fine lines around my eyes. I also still have acne!! I started to use the uptown retinol cream to see if it would help. I first started using it only at night and then gradually add it to my morning routine. The light and non greasy formal is wonderful! I have started to notice that all the fine lines aren't as noticeable. I am not breaking out as bad! Retinols has a tendency to dry out your skin but I didn't seem to notice any drying! It is awesome!!

  • eddiehamrick - Great content, very thorough, but the sample tests aren't very good

    The Princeton Review Cracking the MCAT was an absolutely essential part of my study schedule for the MCAT. It was very thorough and a great help, especially the portions covering general chemistry from my freshman and sophomore years of college. The only negative aspect of this book was the practice tests that came with it. The passages were confusing and not like the MCAT passages at all. I received my lowest scores on these practice tests, while I received my highest on the official MCAT practice tests. I would highly recommend this book, but I would definitely spend the money on official MCAT practice tests.

  • A. Zdunczyk - Stomach bug

    I work from home so I have not really gotten sick in a while. My mother is in rehab for a broken hip and last week a stomach bug was going through the center. I usually went to she her everyday. Last Thursday I must have gotten the bug. Vomiting off and on the whole day. For days after at least once a day. I would feel better and then it would come again. Since last Thursday I have eaten very little. I drank a lot of fluids but could not keep food down. My neighbor brought me 2 Airborne tabs and I took the first one. In about 15 minutes my stomach had settled down. I took the next one about 3 hours later. I went to the drug store yesterday and bought 3 small tubes. I actually ate last night with no side effects from the food. I will be using this product from now on.

  • nadinenay2 - Life saver

    ALL I can say is that this product saved my life, helped my self esteem and has changed my life. I have been suffering for 5 years continuous BV and bacterial infections. I stopped having sex completely with my partner. He didnt want to have sex with me and I dont blame him. Unfortunately our relationship sufffered over this. For the first time in years after going to the doctor over and over again to just get prescription after precription and them telling me the same things I have found relief. I feel like I am starting a new life-----. Women who suffer from this know what it feels like and its horrible. But now I feel like my old self and a new woman.