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Journal of Venomous Animals and Toxins including Tropical Diseases | Home page - <p><i>Journal of Venomous Animals and Toxins including Tropical Diseases</i> (JVATiTD) is an open access interdisciplinary publication, dedicated to research on all aspects of toxins, venomous animals and their derivative products. The journal also welcomes submissions related to tropical diseases with a focus on infectious diseases, parasitology and immunology.</p>

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  • Morgan Kobielusz - Easy is right

    easy to use and works well. maybe not board straight , but a nice over-the-counter product. it can seem a little pricey but.....you get what you pay for.

  • Muffintop - Long time QuickBooks User

    I have used QuickBooks for about 10 years and love it, based on cost and user-friendliness. I find QuickBooks Pro is sufficient for the retailers I work with and the financial reports required. I will continue to promote QuickBooks, if asked, for a user-friendly bookkeeping system for non-accountants and great reports.

  • Sharing Sheryl - Wow....

    I am in love with this product! After what seemed like only weeks using it any discolorations began to fade. Every since puberty I have had at least one pimple a day...after using this my face has been super clear and I can;t remeber the last time I had to wear makeup. Good stuff! I just found out I am pregnant, though and must discontinue use until after the baby is born. Here's hoping I don't become a pizza face int he mean time!

  • Aneta Staron - I absolutely do not like the smell - I was expecting a nutty

    I absolutely do not like the smell - I was expecting a nutty, earthy, more natural smell. It smells very cheap and strong. I did try it on my hair and not sure if the mask is good or not - I honestly probably will not put it in my hair again because of the smell.

  • Richard A. Neider - Terrible Service, fatal software problems installing Total Protection

    I could not get the software or service people to install the AV software on my 3rd PC. The program installed all OK on the 1st 2 PC's. Thew 3rd everything except the AV software installed. And as typical of 'foreign" service persons that you employ, My PC was at fault not the software. So I tried another parties AV program and it installed with no problems. So much for your AV program. When my Total Protection (hahahaha) expires, I will try another source for my PC Protection. I have been a loyal customer for many years, but because your software installation failure and lack of "good" service to resolve the problem, you will lose my future business.

  • Yamaha FZ6R - awesome!!

    Awesome!! It made the world of difference from stock. So happy I purchased these I will definitely be seen by all the cagers out there now!!