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  • mhughes - Great product

    Started using this foundation primer about a year ago and saw the results immediately. It goes on smooth and feels good. My foundation stays on evenly and throughout the day. Of all the products of Laura Mercier that I use, this is by far the best! I recommend it.

  • Krys - HUGE Pills!

    If you have trouble swallowing pills, these definitely aren't for you. It usually took me more than one try to get these down.

  • Movie lover - Amateurish work

    The scenery at the beginning was beautiful, but the movie went downhill from there. I liked Cliff de Young in the Love series and expected that this movie would be wonderful because he was in it. The acting was bad. The dialogue was amateurish and stupid, often with contradictory ideas contained within one sentence, so that even Cliff de Young's acting looked pitiful. I laughed out loud when one actress said that the president was evacuating the entire west coast, the earth's rotation had slowed, causing catastrophes all over the world and the end of the world, but her father wanted her to go north to Oklahoma where she would be safe. There was also a statement that European Christians had been in Mexico long before Christopher Columbus. After watching the first half of the movie, I turned it off. It was worse than an old 1950s B grade.

  • jeannie wray - I think they are working ;-0

    I think they are helping I am not sure if it is physical or in my head either way it's always good to feel better:-)

  • STEPHANIE VALE - Awesome product, fast shipping

    This item arrived in no time and it was brand new as described. I love this car seat..feels very safe and my son looks very comfortable when riding in it!

  • C. D. Berberette - This unit is very quiet

    Just a few tips on this purchase. If you do not have a power cord on your old disposal buy one with this unit. If you buy the insinkerator power cord, read the instructions as both the neutral and hot is black. One wire is ribbed and the other smooth. The other thing to note is that this unit is very quiet and appears to grind up the food very well. The other note is that if you have a dishwasher with the rubber connector at the end of the drain hose, you will not need the diswasher connector kit. I like the compact design. I hope that what I read on other reviews that this unit lasts longer than 5 years as this product is relatively more expensive than the waste king models.

  • Nana - Won't use.

    Quite frankly I'm not sure that I'll ever use these. When the instructions are in another language.....enough said.