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klosterfrau.com - MCM Klosterfrau Healthcare Group is one of the (leading developers, manufacturers and suppliers) of pharmaceutical (OTC) products in Germany and Europe.

  • http://www.klosterfrau.com/marken/junior-angin.html junior-angin – for sore throats and coughs in children. - Klosterfrau even has something in its range for our little ones: junior-angin lozenges and junior-angin syrup with a delicious strawberry or cherry flavour.
  • http://www.klosterfrau.com/marken/melisana.html Melisana – the oldest and most well-known remedy from Klosterfrau. - Melisana is the proven German universal remedy made from 12 medicinal plants, whose multiple indications range from sleep disorders to nervous stomach problems.
  • http://www.klosterfrau.com/marken/kwair.html Kwai® - Young at Heart? Kwai not. - More and more people lead busy, stressful lives with little free time. It is easy to overlook the need to take care of yourself and especially your health. Maintaining health and well-being is important so that you can enjoy all life brings, such as playing with your grandchild or taking a relaxing holiday with your friend or partner.
  • http://www.klosterfrau.com/marken/kirar.html Kira® - The natural choice for women´s health - Inspired by women and created especially for women. The Kira range is designed to help us all lead balanced, active and productive lives.

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  • Schmuffin - Complete waste.

    Though this review is going to be very short, it will take longer to write than the items shelf life. The first one arrived and stopped working after the first 20 seconds. The replacement arrived DOA. Very disappointing product.

  • Dave - Great improvement over older versions, not much change from 2011

    I've been using the service on and off for years so I've got a long, though not expert background in their software. The thing I used to hate about them was the interface of their software. Their databases were awesome, but the software left much to be desired. About five years or so ago they redesigned their software suite. At first the improved interface was beset with a lot of teething problems. I stayed away for a few years and finally came back last year and picked up the 2011 version. That was a HUDGE leap forward over what I was used too. Better interface, better web integration, better features.

  • D. Fletcher - Pretty good.

    "Frameless" is extremely misleading. But if you're reading these reviews you know that. I knew that when I bought it because of the kind reviewers here at Amazon, so I can't knock off a star for that. Tempted, though.

  • Glofrazier - I love this tea!

    I absolutely love the taste of this tea and so does everyone else I've encouraged to try some (even my coffee drinking daughter). I drink a lot of herbal teas and this is definitely my favorite. I can't tell if it's really detoxifying my liver and kidneys, but I do know that drinking a cup boosts my energy level and make me feel better.

  • Charles R - amazing

    This is a great essential oil. With my experience with essential oils this is also a high quality one. I personally love the smell of Frankincense. This oil is very potent and smells very strong, but that is a good thing. This oil will last a long time because you really only need a few drops. You can add this to a base oil and leave the scent all Frankincense, or you can mix it with other essential oils and make a custom fragrance that you can wear like a perfume. You can also add this to lotion that is unscented. I also have made soap in the past and candles, essential oils work great to scent that stuff also. I received a discount on this Frankincense essential oils purchase in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. I recommend this product because it seems high quality, with a potent smell that lasts a long time. It is potent enough to where you only need a few drops so this oil will last a very long time.

  • Sakura - In the comparisons I made, this prenatal multivitamin was ...

    In the comparisons I made, this prenatal multivitamin was the most complete. DHA was important to me and this has one of the higher amounts on it. At the beginning I was getting upset stomach and/or acid reflux with it, especially if I had it on an empty stomach. I fixed it once I started taking the vitamin at night, after dinner and before going to bed. Make sure to drink lots of water with it, the capsule is quite big and can get stuck in your throat and irritate it. Once I figure the routine and my body got used to it I have had no issues at all. Please do note that I got this item at a discounted price for a honest review.