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  • http://www.kutahotelsbali.com/kutahotels/grand-inna-kuta-hotel.html Grand Inna Kuta Hotel | Kuta Bali Beachfront Hotel - Grand Inna Kuta Hotel, a 4-star beachfront hotel, offers combination of Traditional and Modern atmosphere and direct access to the famous Kuta Beach
  • http://www.kutahotelsbali.com/legianhotels/jayakarta_bali_resort.html The Jayakarta Bali Beach Resort & Spa - Legian Hotels Bali Discount Deals - The Jayakarta Bali Beach Resort discount deals, a four star hotel, right on the white sandy beach of Legian, a good choice for families and for beach lovers
  • http://www.kutahotelsbali.com/kutahotels/sheraton-bali-kuta-resort.html Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort | Kuta Bali Resort Deals - Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort Deals, a 5-star beachfront resort in kuta beach, offer a real relaxation in the supreme accommodation
  • http://www.kutahotelsbali.com/kutahotels/harris_resort_kuta_beach.html Harris Resort Kuta Beach - Bali Hotels Kuta Discount Deals - Harris Resort Kuta Beach discount deals, a four-star hotel, offers convenience, relaxation in Kuta Bali
  • http://www.kutahotelsbali.com/kutahotels/bali_dynasty_resort_kuta.html Bali Dynasty Resort Kuta - Hotels Bali Kuta Discount Deals - Bali Dynasty Resort Kuta discount deals, a first class five star resort that one of Bali's premiere resorts for couples and families
  • http://www.kutahotelsbali.com/legianhotels/bali_niksoma_beach_resort_legian.html Bali Niksoma Beach Resort - Legian Hotels Bali Discount Deals - Bali Niksoma Beach Resort discount deals, a stylish boutique beachfront resort on Bali’s Legian Beach. offers luxurious and intimate feels
  • http://www.kutahotelsbali.com/kutahotels/sun_island_hotel_kuta.html Sun Island Hotel Kuta - Bali Hotels Kuta Discount Deals - Sun Island Hotel Kuta discount deals, contains all the amenities and services you would expect from a 4-star hotel in Kuta
  • http://www.kutahotelsbali.com/seminyakvillas/the_wolas_villa_seminyak.html The Wolas Villas Seminyak | Bali Villas Seminyak Deals - The Wolas Villas discount deals, ideally located in the midpoint of dazzling tourist resort of Seminyak, perfect atmosphere for a peaceful holiday.

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  • M. Wells - Not Bad, but the Instructions are Wrong

    I bought my first Mr. Beer kit about 2 months ago knowing nothing about the beer making process. I was skeptical on the product because the kit looked cheap and I was doubtful it could produce the quality beer I expected. But I'm a gambler and the reviews on this product weren't bad. The kit arrived in the mail and I quickly brewed up my first batch of Czech Pilsner. I followed the instructions verbatim, making sure to sanitize everything properly (since this is like 9/10 of beer making). In short, you bring water to a boil, add and stir in the malt, then add cold water to the barrel, poor the hot malt mixture into the barrel, add the included yeast, let it ferment for a week, then you transfer the wort into the bottles and add sugar. After sealing the bottles and letting them sit for a week, your beer is supposed to be drinkable. At least this is what Mr. Beer claims. I tested this process and it tasted like crap. There wasn't a lot of carbonation, and the taste seemed off (had an apple cider after taste). At first I wrote it off that Mr. Beer was a scam. But then I waited. I still had other unopened bottles and figured I could let them sit for a few more weeks to see if this changed anything. I even did some online research to see what others had to say about Mr. Beer. The forums about the issues I was experiencing seem unanimous. You have to let the beer sit for around 4 weeks in the bottle. Afterwards, you put the bottles in the fridge for around 2-3 days to condition them. If you do this your beer will come out nothing less than awesome (assuming you properly sanitized and your yeast wasn't old or expired).

  • April M. Williams - I haven't finished reading it but even with my accounting ...

    I haven't finished reading it but even with my accounting background and knowledge to do friends taxes...This book as been a wealth of knowledge.

  • Zephyr - Connoisseur of chest rubs weighs in

    I'm a fiend for mentholated chest rubs, sometimes slathering up when I'm not even sick. The vapors carry me back to childhood; my mother would put me to bed and apply those products liberally when I was ill. The Watkins is a good preparation. Its pleasant odor is similar to that of Vicks, but is gentler than the Vicks fragrance. For me, the ideal is a sharp, penetrating smell, so I'll stick with Vicks and Mentholatum. However, I think some other users might favor the less obtrusive Watkins fumes. As with wines, stereo speakers and many other commodities, choice of chest rubs is largely a matter of individual preference.

  • Yawana - Worth the time

    It is a good book and worth the time reading it. It's about a strong woman living during a time when it wasn't easy for women to be strong and independent. I enjoyed reading it and you will too.

  • Vickie B - Music

    Who wouldn't love John Lennon? Quality of the song is good and plays well on my Android. Pleased with service.

  • Grady - Great, but...

    I do not usually try earbuds. I served for 20+ years in the Navy as an engineer and wore hearing protection most of my career. Ear buds do not stay in my ears. My navy hearing protection was either triple flange ear buds or the over the ear (Mickey Mouse) kind. I tried these because triple flange was an option. I am glad I did. They are great because when I cut the grass I wear these under my mickey mouse ears and because they are so small there is no pressure from the other hearing protection, (which are worn over these) while I am cutting the grass. The only reason why I do not give 5 stars is my battery life has not been what is advertised. I put them on after fully charging them overnight and they die before I finish cutting my grass. While cutting grass I only listen to music, no phone calls. It takes from 2 hrs to 2:15 to cut my grass. I use an app to track my steps with a timer so I know my time is accurate. I have used them twice and they have quit at the 1:45 and 1:50 respectively. I may choose to buy another set since they are much less than most others I have seen.

  • S.D. - A natural alternative that works...

    For our cat,this worked wonders. She isn't the type that would allow prescription medication to be put on her everyday without someone going to the doctor for cat bites and scratches. I did have to give her more than stated on bottle,but it did help.It took about a month for her to gain weight and have a soft non-greasy looking coat, the midnight howling to calm down & thirst to curb. She has maintained and that's all that really matters being 15 years old.