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Leandie Buys | Relationship Therapist | Clinical Sexologist - Over the past seven years, Leandie Buys has built a thriving practice as a successful relationship therapist and clinical sexologist in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

  • http://www.leandiebuys.co.za/content/relationship-marriage-counselling Relationship Counselling | Marriage Counselling - Relationship counselling covers a wide range of issues. A professional counselor will help guide you through the issue to a mutually beneficial solution.
  • http://www.leandiebuys.co.za/content/desire-discrepancy Desire Discrepancy | Mismatched Libido - Desire Discrepancy results when one person in a couple wants to have sex more often than the other person.
  • http://www.leandiebuys.co.za/content/after-an-affair After an Affair - Not only does an affair have a devastating effect on a marriage, but it also affects the emotional, physical and psychological health of everyone involved.
  • http://www.leandiebuys.co.za/content/common-sexual-health-concerns-women Women's Sexual Health | Sexual Concerns - Sex drive or the desire for sex comes from many different places and is affected by many different things. For women, sexual desire is very psychological, and for men, sexual desire is very physical.
  • http://www.leandiebuys.co.za/content/painful-intercourse Painful Intercourse | Vaginismus - Vaginismus is defined as ‘vaginal tightness causing discomfort, burning pain, penetration problems, or the complete inability to have intercourse.
  • http://www.leandiebuys.co.za/content/sex-pregnancy Sex & Pregnancy | Sex During Pregnancy - There are several myths surrounding sex during pregnancy for example: sex will cause miscarriage, premature labour or foetal damage.
  • http://www.leandiebuys.co.za/content/sex-menopause Sex & Menopause | Body Changes - Menopause occurs most often between the ages of 45 and 55 years. This is the time when a woman’s periods stop, and her body undergoes many changes.
  • http://www.leandiebuys.co.za/content/common-sexual-health-concerns-men Men's Sexual Health | Common Sexual Health Concerns - The most common issues faced by men include: premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and low sexual desire.
  • http://www.leandiebuys.co.za/content/erectile-dysfunction Erectile Dysfunction | Sexual Difficulties - It is important to distinguish erectile dysfunction from other sexual difficulties, for example: low libido or premature ejaculation.
  • http://www.leandiebuys.co.za/content/premature-ejaculation Premature Ejaculation | Intercourse - It is defined as “ejaculation that occurs sooner than a man wishes, or too quickly during intercourse to satisfy his partner.”
  • http://www.leandiebuys.co.za/content/sex-addiction-is-a-very-real-disorder Sex Addiction | Sexual Behaviour - Any sexual behaviour which becomes compulsive, interfering with the individual’s normal life, causing stress and tension in relationships with family and loved ones, and affecting their work environment.
  • http://www.leandiebuys.co.za/content/sex-addiction-support-groups Sex Addiction Support Group | Port Elizabeth - Leandie coordinates a weekly sex addiction support group every Monday evening in Port Elizabeth. The closed group is currently run for men only.
  • http://www.leandiebuys.co.za/content/why-talk-to-your-kids-about-sex Why Talk to your Kids about Sex - Understanding sexuality helps children cope better with various life stages (including puberty) and helps them to stand up to peer pressure and make informed decisions.
  • http://www.leandiebuys.co.za/content/when-to-have-the-talk-with-your-child When to have the talk with your child - Every parent struggles to identify the best time to have the ‘birds and the bees’ talk with their child.
  • http://www.leandiebuys.co.za/content/the-talk-for-kids-0-5-years The talk for kids 0-5 years | Where do babies come from - All children want to know the answer to the question: “where do babies come from?” This is a great opportunity to explain the value of sex between two loving adults
  • http://www.leandiebuys.co.za/content/the-talk-for-high-school-teens The talk for high school teens | Sex Education - As teenagers mature, they begin to claim independence over their lives…They begin to draw away from parental guidance and they start to make their own life decisions.
  • http://www.leandiebuys.co.za/content/the-talk-for-teens-entering-puberty The talk for teens entering puberty | Puberty with a teenager - The moment your child hits puberty, he/she will not only be inundated with sexual messages from their environment, but also from their own bodies.
  • http://www.leandiebuys.co.za/content/trauma-counselling Trauma Counselling | Registered Counselor | Leandie Buys - Leandie Buys has a Registered Counsellor’s qualification in Trauma Counselling and worked extensively with the South African Police Services before qualifying as a clinical sexologist.
  • http://www.leandiebuys.co.za/content/scheduling-an-appointment Scheduling an Appointmnet | Sceduled Sessions - The initial appointment is scheduled for an hour and a half so that Leandie can complete a full medical, relationship and sexual history. All subsequent sessions are scheduled for an hour each, although patients can elect to have half hour sessions if they prefer.
  • http://www.leandiebuys.co.za/content/medical-aid Medical Aid | Medical Aid Claims | Consultations - Leandie Buys has a Registered Councillor’s qualification and is registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa. Clients can therefore claim from medical aid for consultations. Her practice number is: 031 4870
  • http://www.leandiebuys.co.za/content/what-to-expect-from-your-first-appointment Overview | What to Expect | Introduction - Overview of what to expect from our first appointment. This is just a short introduction to help you feel more at ease and prepared for the meeting.
  • http://www.leandiebuys.co.za/content/contact-leandie Contact Leandie Buys | Relationship Therapist - Contact information for Leandie Buys - Relationship Therapist and Clinical Sexologist.
  • http://www.leandiebuys.co.za/content/what-is-sexology Sexology | Sexual Difficulties - Sexology is a professional and specialised area of therapy which explores the many physical and emotional reasons for sexual difficulties.
  • http://www.leandiebuys.co.za/content/why-seek-counselling-from-a-sexologist Why seek counselling from a Sexologist? - Anyone who is experiencing a sexual health issue in any of the following areas will benefit from therapy.

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