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  • Hockey19 - Works sorta... not worth $200

    I bought this after reading all the positive reviews online. As a 5'10 male with a slim build (I weigh 150) I figured this product would be perfect for me sense I read in other reviews that it wouldn't burn fat (which I didn't really need) but would increase muscle definition. I got the belt and it was very high quality and after trying it for the first time, I was not sure if I was ever going to be able to get all the way up to the 150 level. I used it every day sometimes even twice a day for a couple weeks, but no have moved to around 4/5 times a week. I've had it for around a month now, and though I've seen a little difference, the results are marginal at best. Definitely not worth $200. The pads still work great for me, all I do is, before putting the belt on, I put a capful of rubbing alcohol on them (1 cap for all three, not a cap each), rub it all over the pads with my finger, let it dry a bit, then put it on. In the end, I feel like this does something... sorta, for my abs (never once was I sore the next day even after 2 150 sessions) but I would be hesitant on spending $200, cause you are not going to get much closer to a six pack from this product.

  • jwsbnd007 - A mistake

    Had to go through a long complicated process to load this card, and I already had McAfee on my computer. Had to go through a tech from McAfee to load the program and he kept wanting to sell me a tech support plan. Eventually, because he could not load it on one of my computers I had to pay $49.99 to have a tech "fix" my computer so it would take a program that was already on it. I would not suggest anyone buying these cards, unless they want a run around.

  • Jack Q. - J.K.Lasser

    I'm in the Tax Service Business and this book help's in getting some of the information I need to do returns. I've used J.K.Lasser Books in the past

  • Amazon Customer - Great product. You don't need to use but a ...

    Product does exactly what is advertises. I was using a shampoo that created a hair disaster. I quickly noticed the problem. Immediately switched shampoo.

  • Richard Shanley - Not a Perfect Fit

    These floor mats do a great job but the fit is not as good as advertised. The front passenger side does not line up well. The rear mat is great.