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  • barbara Coleman - Uncertain Results

    I have used this product for less than one month. As a consequence, I am not certain about the results. I think I see some minor improvement more in skin density rather than in lifting. I have used it every day--normally for 5 minutes-- and will continue to do so. Hopefully, the results will become more apparent after longer use.

  • Just another SD lady - Excellent!

    This product keeps my mouth fresh! I always use this right after brushing my teeth with Squiggle and I can tell you that my mouth has never felt so squeaky clean! I can honestly say, cleaner than leaving the dentist!

  • London85 - Good product....

    Well I bought this powder to use as a meal replacement. The first time I tried it I thought it tasted odd (mixed it with soy milk0, now I switched over to vanilla almond milk (40 calories per serving) and I cannot get enough of the taste. It's addicting. I do not add anything to it, 6 tablespoons of the mix, 12 ounces of almond milk and mix it in a shaker cup that is all. The first 3 days I did 3 of these and 3 snacks and I lost weight right away. Now I do 2 of these and one small lunch meal (and snacks). The problem is that now it seems it doesn't fill me up as much, probably because my body got used to it? I do not know, but I still drink them and I'll drink a lot of water in the meantime. Also wanted to say that usually these kinds of protein powders give me an upset stomach the first few days but Almased never did. I always feel good after I drink it.

  • TazMan - Works great - need to find a place though to store it when not in use

    Fits like intended. Works well but I do wish they did some other color on the back than the bland white. Once you roll it up you realize how big it really is. When not in use it takes up a lot of room in the car. In a hot climate it is definitely a must so I'll deal with it. This will be an issue of most of these big sun shades. After buying one you'll realize how big the windshield is on the C-max.

  • Ariel B. - Helped to relieve stomach issues

    I originally got this when my baby was younger and I was transitioning him from breast milk to formula. It seemed to help and calm his stomach down. I recently used this again while my baby was on heavy antibiotics after catching a virus at daycare. I also continued to use it for about a week after he stopped the antibiotics to help replenish his system. It truly helped to lessen the severity of the diarrhea that is caused from the antibiotics. It is nice that it is such a small amount that you need to give. It made it easy to just drops the drops directly into his mouth.

  • Jennifer Ritchie - SCAM!

    What a scam! They have been selling glucosamine chondrotin supplements for years, and now they put it in a liquid form and somehow it is better. Ask any doctor or pharmacist and they will tell you that there is NO medical benefit to this supplement. They claim it helps fibromyalgia, but fibro is not a disorder of the muscles or joints, but is neurological in origin. There is NO inflammation with this disease. This is a SCAM that preys on people that have chronic pain that is so bad that they are willing to try anything. It's shameful!