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Naomi Rabinowitz, MD, LAc, Physician Acupuncturist, Longmont, Colorado - Naomi Rabinowitz, MD, LAc, a physician trained in both Eastern and Western Medicine, bridges the gap between Western Medicine and acupuncture. Conveniently located at 1318 N. Vivian St. Longmont CO near the LUH Hospital. Telephone (303) 776-0882. Dr. Rabinowitz adapts Traditional Chinese Medicine to contemporary needs.

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  • FJGC - Ok for the money, beware this MAJOR BUG!! (DON'T LOWER THE BRIGHTNESS ALL THE WAY DOWN!)

    The phone works ok, although beware the amount of space. It's so low that barely 5 major apps could be installed. "But buy an extra microSD card!" you say: I did, I bought a 16gb one in fact, but the problem is that a lot of the major apps (Facebook, Spotify, Netflix, etc) won't transfer to the SD card, no matter what. You won't be able to install any apps, even if the card is mostly empty. There are supposed to be some "hacks" that enable you to to do transfer those apps to the card, but finding instructions for this phone is really hard since it's new. Not worth the effort IMO. Also, beware of this major bug I encountered. DON'T LOWER THE BRIGHTNESS ALL THE WAY DOWN! Basically it turns off the screen. You'll think you have a dead phone. When this first happened to me, No matter what I did, I couldn't get the screen to "turn on". What was ticking me off about that the phone wasn't "dead" is that I would reboot it, and the BLU intro screen was bright as normal. Once it got into Android the screen would go dark again (Volume button sounds worked normally). This should easily be fixed with an update though, so I hope BLU takes notice.

  • Lara - Wonderful book by a new cozy mystery author

    Great summer time read! Really enjoyed the characters, the story and the small town setting. Can't wait until the next book comes out!

  • Wayne - SORRY???...

    I have been playing sorry ever since the late 90's and I already had a newer set mid 2005 to 2010 version but the Game was pretty beat up and was looking for a replacement Sorry because I play it about 4 times a week. When I opened this 2013 Sorry up I realized this is not the Sorry I have been playing for years. There are a quit of few differences from the 2005 to 2010 version of the game. The main difference is that on the original sorry game you play with 4 pawns on this version you play with 3 pawns very diffrent and thats verry odd because its been like that for as long as I can remember. One thing I dont like about this is that the directions are not very clear on this game. The cards feel very cheep compared to the 2005,2010 version. What I can say is this is not the Sorry I grew up playing to be far this is not bad by any stretch of the imagination its just not gret. Bad directions, cheep cards,3 pawns instead of 4. The fire and Ice powers they introduced are not very clear on how to use. In my opinion this is a very mediocre version of sorry if you can find the 2005,2010 version of the game I would recommend that even the classic version over this but I think if this is your first time playing sorry you won't mind this 2013 one to be honest its just not what I was expecting expecially from a long time Sorry player. P.S the Design of the board, pieces cards look very child like older design is 100% better in my opinion.

  • Kari T Armbruster - Great Buy

    I was nervous about ordering a jersey without seeing it first but it was an official Nike brand jersey and I was extremely happy with the quality and delivery.

  • Toolzman - Leatherman Crater c33Tx Combo Straight/Serrated Blade Knife

    Very sharp out of the box. Flicks open quickly with one hand. All but the flat blade screwdriver can be opened with one hand. The bottle opener works (I think I saw some reviews where people said it would not open bottles, but I had no problems). I find it much more useful than a full blown multi-tool and I like the way the screwdriver blades open out from the end vs the middle (as Swiss army style do) and they lock into place firmly.