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Save Cattle and Profits with Lung Protection Therapy | Lung Protection Therapy - Lung Protection Therapy (LPT) is a simple respiratory disease treatment strategy to protect bovine lungs.

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  • Asia Johnson - Cole World! :D

    This CD is amazing. J. Cole really stepped up and showed the world that you can rap about something of substance and not have to settle for low sales and mediocre radioplay. The album talks about appreciating the intangible things like love, friendship, and family instead money, cars, and clothes. Cole takes us on a journey back to 2014 Forest Hills Drive and lets us in on his struggles & successes there while still touching on relevant issues like the white-washing of hiphop and the myth that fame is a wonderland of good. Cole still stays true to his "Who Dat" days with bangers like "G.O.M.D." All in all I really love this album and I'm glad the first album I've ever actually purchased myself was his. Man, he is a talented artist, so ahead of his time even when he rhyme about the future he be reminiscing. #coleworld

  • Bodichi - If you are having trouble in your marriage read this book, now.

    If you have read His needs, her Needs and haven't figured out why it isn't working or read 5 love languages and marriage is still a pain, read this book. Your wife needs you to lead and you need her to follow. Supplicating to her is never going to work.

  • thecond - does what it says

    this was my first time having an energy drink packet, i don't drink caffeine so i definitely noticed the caffeine energy burst, it lasted a good half hour,i was surprised how noticeable it was. the flavor is very weak with a 16oz. so if you want a stronger flavor cut the water in half. The flavor was good, but it seemed to have almost a carbonated kick to it which was interesting. not bad just different. It did cure the munchies and I wasn't hungry for a good couple hours. i wouldn't take it everyday but those days when you know your weak and will eat anything it will help! i only gave it three stars because i don't like how much i noticed the caffeine burst and that i would need 2 packets to 1 water bottle, i like to get water in, but not because lack of flavor. i would give 3.5 stars. id need to try more than a week to see if it helps with weight loss.

  • Fearney - AWESOME GAME! God awful UI and a few bugs ...

    Have played EVERY BF game since 1942 in 2002 with the exception of BF2. I jumped from Vietnam to 2142.

  • Sdawson - Nice mats but I wish the fronts came up higher ...

    Nice mats but I wish the fronts came up higher in the center. Everyone rest their foot on the side of the center hump which isn't covered by the floor mat.