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Marco D Polo Healthcare & Medical - Marco D Polo is dedicated to healthcare professionals, doctors, GPs and other specialist medical staff offering world class manufacturers, producing leading edge technology in a range of areas including medical equipment, precision scales, surgical instruments and more.

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  • LJCED - Easy to use for a quick home workout!

    I really like the Simply Fit Board. It’s great for a quick workout on a rainy day when I can't get out for a run. To me, it mimics the motion and balance

  • R. Jackson - Faster & cheaper!

    I haven't filed my 2014 taxes yet, but everything looks good so far. I used TurboTax for several years, and find this is much faster and much cheaper.

  • Sanda - the shoes are a fun thing to have

    I definitely was so so so excited about getting the shoes I was very skeptical side hurts so much bad reviews about them but I decided I was going to try it anyway because sometimes you just have to try things before deciding if you like them or not it is very easy to charge any shoes whoever thought you have to charge your shoes but it comes with the charger and it will charge both use the same time I definitely think it is a fun little things even kids to have his well the only downfall is that every time you walk you depending on how your foot is in the shower now you can click the button switch colors but sometimes that can be cool too you just randomly switching colors every once while when you're walking I want to thank you for taking the time out of your busy day and busy work I really hope it? I definitely think they fit true to size I was able to receive this after we have received them and everything in between enjoy the rest of your wonderful day take care

  • Coby Turner - Other Reviewers are delusional.

    I ordered this after reading all the reviews and thinking "Wow, i am in for an adventrure" Much to my disapointment, this is nothing but a chinese plastic doll thingy. Come on reviewers, we take your word on these and you have let me down...

  • Arianne T Smart - Best Shampoo/body wash ever got some for my baby shower ...

    Best Shampoo/body wash ever got some for my baby shower for my twins a little over two years ago and wont use any other kind. My daughter also has eczema and super sensitive skin this stuff works great she doesnt break out and it leaves her skin feeling smooth.

  • D. Champlain - A Solid Machine

    Many of the reviewers described this product accurately. You will not be dissatisfied with this treadmill. It is a terrific treadmill at a great value.

  • Mylgon - Didn't Do Well In Desert Soil

    Despite the description saying that this product "grows well in ... sandy soils", I haven't had much luck with the 14 pounds I've layed down in my New Mexico yard. Even with an adequate amount of fertilizer having been put down weeks before, growth is sporatic and thin. I've had much better results with other products and this attempt will prevent me from getting the Jonathan Green seeds again.