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Mark Kosins, M.D. and Associates - We specialize in innovative diagnosis and treatment planning by combining conventional and alternative medicine using the modality that will work best for you. We evaluate and treat difficult diagnoses and chemical imbalances that may cause underachievement, school failure, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorders, bi-polar disorders, panic and anxiety, aggressiveness, and brain toxicity from drugs and/or alcohol abuse.

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  • joann - A real disappointment!

    I agree that this product left my skin feeling smooth. However, be aware that the oils and sugar separate very quickly. You have to stir it before every use before you get in the shower (if water gets in the container, it dilutes the product). And even then, it may separate before you open the jar again. I was left with only oil before the jar was half empty. The price point was too high and the separation too irritating to make this a product that I would buy again. I am from Pittsburgh where the young founder is also from and I have serious skin issues. I had hoped this was a product that I could support but unfortunately, I cannot!

  • Angela Johnson - You'll learn the essentials of passive income

    Passive income is nothing but an easy way to earn extra money to attain financial independence. You need not stop or affect any of your daily chores if you wish to generate passive income through online source. You just need to choose one or more passive income streams based on your skill from the list of ideas included in this book. Everything has been detailed here to help you with getting started with creating passive income opportunities. It is high time to start your journey towards financial freedom.

  • Hammy - NOT Great Companies in the Study!

    I got to page 7, where they listed the 11 'carefully selected' companies that the book's management theories are based off of. Circuit City - BANKRUPT. FANNIE MAE, you've just GOT to be kidding me! - This was a government sponsored entity to begin with, and since their HUGE contribution to the housing bubble, the government fully owns all of their debt!

  • Catskillet - ...makes my hair fall out!

    I have very thick hair which fortunately is very manageable and forgiving. I'm in my early 50's so I've tested many shampoos over the years...and I purchase products based on reviews - not on price. So in other words, I've spent my fair share on great-quality products. I can honestly say that over all the years and all the shampoos and conditioners I've tried...this one is the only one that makes my hair fall out ...by the handful! I thought perhaps it was due to hormonal changes (menopause....) but I've tried it before, during and after....and my hair still falls out - every time. I've never read any reviews similar to this so I'm sure it's probably a great product....just not for me. So, given that...if you are considering switching to these products - I highly recommend going with the sample size to start - just to make sure it doesn't make YOUR hair fall out too!

  • Shannon - Good stuff

    When I give this to my kiddos on a regular basis I think it really improves their health during flu season. It also helps resolve some skin issues they sometimes have when combined with Elderberry.