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  • Pete - Comfortable and effective

    It doesn't fit the whole length of my tub, but I don't dance around the entire bathtub, so it doesn't matter; it still provides plenty of room. The suction cups have a nice grip and haven't come loose yet. While I wasn't slipping and falling in the shower without it, I can definitely feel a better grip while I'm showering, which is good because being unconscious and naked is not on my bucket list.

  • Oxman - Good drink cup, not so much as thermos carrying purposes

    I was hoping the opening would be spill proof. Unfortunately, it's not, so it can leak if tipped over. Otherwise, ok. The metal straw, as many have noted, is useless for hot drinks, since it's TOO hot to sip. Good for cold drinks though. Will keep liquids warm/cold, but only 3-4hours, in my experience. I do like the fact that the opening is big enough for my hands to scrub properly instead of using wire brushes.

  • Jo-Sue Martin - It is a lot stronger than I expected. Since ...

    It is a lot stronger than I expected.Since I have a problem with floor exercises this gives me a chance to exercise at home as often as I want,even during watching TV.

  • Maranatha - Peep for a princess

    Maxi-Cosi? I had never heard of them. Luckily, my wife had and convinced me to check out their car seats. She had decided she was ordering the Pria 70 for her car and after reading way too many online reviews of innumerable car seats, I decided I would too.

  • Mda10 - Clutch issue/quality control

    Was testing the reel and within a few clutch releases and re-engaging, the handle would not close the clutch anymore. Everything else on the reel seemed to have worked as intended, but the clutch system broke very easily. It would have been unfortunate if this broke while on a fishing trip. Quality control may have issues, buyer beware.

  • Tim Underwood - Locked in for a year, with penalties.

    Products are fine. But creative cloud contract is predatory. BEWARE. Adobe hides their two-month PENALTY fine if you cancel before a year is up. Who in the right mind would agree to that?! (It's in the tiny print no one reads.) And more, you have only a thirty-day window to cancel AFTER A YEAR, without penalties. Or you're automatically signed up for another year and will be penalized two month's fees ($99.98) if you try to leave early. What a nightmare.

  • Jenny McDonald - Love it!

    We received this as gift and seem to like it so far! It was easy to put together and is small enough not to take up too much room! We put my 3 month old in it and she was asleep within 10 min. So far so good!