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  • Nicholas - Five Stars

    Came sooner than expected and in new condition. The Book is clearly written and diagrammed and well organised.

  • Harley 1820 - Definitely works your abs!

    Just got my simply fit board. I have the green board and it feels substantial. My husband is using it as well. It's too soon to say whether or not I'm losing inches but it does feel like a good workout and I'm starting in 15 minutes a day and will see how it goes. I mostly feel the work out in my legs and my abdominals. It's very portable and I hang it in the closet after I'm through with it which is very convenient and space saving.

  • Peggy Adkisson - The Joovy is groovy!

    The Joovy is groovy! Lightweight and easy to maneuver this sleek stroller is functional and looks great.

  • KimberlyM - This is the best stuff for mol/mildew/algae outside

    This is the best stuff for mol/mildew/algae outside! We had some algae on bricks and on our roof tiles, we sprayed it on and it eliminated that ugly green color. They aren't kidding when they say "wet it and forget it"! The stuff available at Home Depot and Lowes is not as good as this!

  • MollyD - indispensable for home and travel

    This is by far one of the best purchases we've made for our baby (now 11 months old). We got the dark green color which was for some reason a few bucks cheaper than the other colors. I purchased it when she was around 5 months and she was able to use it right away, way before she was able to sit up comfortably in those wooden restaurant high chairs. This keeps her comfortable and close to the action on the table (so watch where you put your plates...). We use it daily on the counter of our kitchen island; I love that she is able to watch whatever I am working on in the kitchen. The big draw for us initially was its portability - my husband and I like to travel a lot. This chair folds flat for packing - the space it takes up isn't negligible, but with all the other crap a baby requires you're going to have to move up in suitcase size anyways. It is not a problem fitting it in a mid to large sized roller bag with a bunch of other stuff. I'd say, folded up, it's about the size of a puzzle or game box. We are able to use it at about 75% of restaurants. We were pretty lazy about buckling her in at first but since about ten months old she has been able to easily climb out of it, leveraging her feet against the bottom loop and the center belt strap, so watch out. She also bounces around and throws herself pretty forcefully against the back of the chair and it shows no sign of budging off the counter. Also I've taken it apart to hand wash a few times, that's really easy, although generally a wipe with a wet rag does a good enough job. Hopefully we can continue to use this chair for another year. I love it and recommend it to all of my friends with babies.

  • karen isenhower - Bissell

    I like this product very much...does a very good job of cleaning my floors...so much better than swiffer, which left the floors sticky. I'm glad I got the extra mop pads so ill always have at least one clean one on hand. It is super convenient to be able to just throw them in the washer...good for the environment too, not having everything disposable. Only complaint is that I can't quite get into the corners as much as I'd like because of the shape of the mop head and the position of the mop pad.

  • Mary R. Matulaitis - Love this product!

    I am nearly 60 and religiously use a retinol product every night, and basically love to take care of my skin. I saw this little device and saw the infomercial, and thought I would try it. I absolutely love it. I use it every other day, with the squalane solution that came with it used fairly liberally over my face so the product glides easily over the skin. I find it very, very, relaxing, and my skin is looking even better. People think I am in my 40's many times. I love hearing this! Of course, smokers and sunworshippers may not experience the same results or it may take longer. I have not had a problem with the batteries not holding a charge. Love this product!