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  • StSky - Surprisingly Great for the Price

    I love these monitors. They look great, the viewing angle is wide, and color fidelity is very very good. I do a good deal of design and other graphic work and was very impressed with the display itself. I bought two for an event, and both were consistent, excellent units. So much so I used them at home now as secondaries and they have not disappointed.

  • Kim J - love this calendar

    I look forward to turning the page every day for some witty humor. Usually share laughs with other cube dwellers

  • 70xseven - Lovely Colors

    Great for Christmas Gifts -- and one for me as well. I use it as a sun catcher all year long. Beautiful color.

  • Pete L. - Doesn't really hold much. Opt for a bigger bag ...

    Doesn't really hold much. Opt for a bigger bag if you have more than a marker, tank, hopper and a few pods and belt.

  • Aeosps Fables are more than good, theyre grrrrrrrrreat! - Aeosps Fables are more than good, theyre grrrrrrrrreat!

    On my birthday in second grade, my parents gave me a package containing these stories, written by the ancient Aesop. I read through it, at first not enjoying it much, thinking ,"What fun could it be to read something wrtitten by some old guy?" after reading through one fable, I was changed. My heart lightened, and I finished the book inside my favorite blanket within a day,and my parents were surprised that I had already finished. And even if it was heavy reading for a second grader, I loved it and have read it several times over again. I suggest that everyone should read this book because of the helpful morals that allow you to understand everyday life.

  • Jean - Nice to have item

    This product works just like it says. It's a "nice to have" but I wouldn't say it's a "must have". It would make a nice little add on for a nail care gift basket or for someone that has everything and is hard to shop for. I use it more for when I'm painting my toes. It's just as easy (or easier) to set the bottle on the table when painting my fingers. What I do love about this product is the customer service provided by the company. They sent an email providing extra tips and tricks and seem very available to help if you needed to talk to them. The product itself is a little awkward to wear at first and depending on the bottle, could get "heavy" but, I tried several different shaped bottles to see how they fit and none fell out and all felt secure.