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MedicareAdvantage.com - Compare Part C & D plans in your area - Compare Medicare Advantage plans and Medicare Prescription Drug Plans online. Learn the ins and outs of Medicare coverage.

  • https://www.medicareadvantage.com/part-d Medicare Part D - Medicare prescription drug plans - Medicare Part D provides prescription drug coverage to millions of Medicare enrollees. Each Part D plan has different benefits, costs, and rules
  • https://www.medicareadvantage.com/original-medicare Medicare Parts A and B - Original Medicare basics - Original Medicare consists of Parts A and B. Together, these two Medicare parts provide basic hospital and medical coverage.
  • https://www.medicareadvantage.com/part-c Medicare Advantage plans - What is Medicare Part C? - Medicare Part C is a way of getting Original Medicare benefits through private insurance companies. Part C plans may have additional benefits that Original Medicare doesn’t.
  • https://www.medicareadvantage.com/common-questions Common Medicare questions - Medicare can be confusing. Get the answers to some common questions about Medicare coverage and the different parts of Medicare.
  • https://www.medicareadvantage.com/compare-medicare-coverage-options Compare your options: Original Medicare vs. Medicare Advantage plans - After you enroll in Original Medicare, you can stick with Medicare Parts A and B or add Medicare Part C and possibly receive extra coverage. Learn about the details of each option.
  • https://www.medicareadvantage.com/original-medicare/coverage-benefits What does Medicare cover? - Part A & B benefits - Medicare Parts A and B cover different services. Part A primarily covers hospital services and Part B primarily covers non-emergency medical care.
  • https://www.medicareadvantage.com/original-medicare/eligibility-enrollment Medicare Parts A and B eligibility and enrollment - Some people get Original Medicare (Parts A and B) automatically. If you do not, you must be eligible for coverage and wait for an enrollment period to join.
  • https://www.medicareadvantage.com/original-medicare/part-a Medicare Part A premiums, benefits, and deductibles - Medicare Part A provides hospital coverage and is free for most Medicare beneficiaries. Coverage comes with deductibles and co-insurance costs.
  • https://www.medicareadvantage.com/original-medicare/part-b Medicare Part B premiums, benefits, and deductibles - Medicare Part B provides medical coverage. Part B coverage comes with premiums, deductibles, and co-insurance costs.
  • https://www.medicareadvantage.com/part-c/coverage Medicare Advantage plan benefits - What does Part C cover? - Medicare Advantage plans must provide at least the same coverage as Original Medicare, and many plans include additional benefits.
  • https://www.medicareadvantage.com/part-c/eligibility Medicare Advantage eligibility - Who can sign up for Part C? - There are 3 eligibility requirements that most people must meet before enrolling in a Medicare Advantage plan. You must wait for an enrollment period to join.
  • https://www.medicareadvantage.com/part-c/how-when-enroll Medicare Advantage enrollment - How to apply for Part C - Learn about Medicare Advantage enrollment periods and when you may be eligible to apply for or change your Medicare Part C coverage.
  • https://www.medicareadvantage.com/part-c/comparing-advantage-plans How to compare Medicare Advantage plans - For a thorough comparison of Medicare Advantage plans, you should look at plan type, benefits, star ratings, and out-of-pocket costs.
  • https://www.medicareadvantage.com/part-d/prescription-drug-benefits Medicare Part D benefits - What does Part D cover? - Part D plans have different formularies, tiers, coverage rules, and networks. You should review all of these details and rules before enrolling in a plan.
  • https://www.medicareadvantage.com/part-d/prescription-drug-plan-costs Medicare Part D costs - Premiums & the donut hole - Your Medicare Part D prescription drug plan costs may include plan premiums, income-related adjustments, deductibles, and donut hole costs.
  • https://www.medicareadvantage.com/part-d/comparing-prescription-drug-plans Comparing Medicare Part D prescription drug plans - Each Medicare Part D plan has different benefits, costs, and star ratings. It is important to shop around to find a plan that works for your coverage needs.
  • https://www.medicareadvantage.com/part-d/applying-for-prescription-drug-plans Medicare Part D enrollment - How to apply for Part D - Learn about Medicare Part D eligibility and when you can add, change, or drop your Medicare prescription drug coverage.

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