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Corsi ECM FAD - Mediserve Editoria e Formazione - La Mediserve offre corsi ECM FAD per medici infermieri, ostetriche. Inoltre un vastissimo catalogo di libri specialistici.

  • http://www.mediserve.it/corsi-di-formazione-a-distanza-fad/corsi-fad-per-infermieri/ Corsi ECM FAD per infermieri | Mediserve.it - Corsi ECM FAD per infermieri con libro in omaggio. Clicca e iscriviti al corso

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  • Elise G - FIne for the money

    I am giving it 3 stars. It is a nice stroller with a nice large basket, perfect for quick errands. Easy to get in and out of my SUV. My 1 year old daughter seem comfortable and I like the large sunshade. Only giving it 3 stars because after gentle use, inside mall and around the neighborhood one of the back wheels have a clicking sound. I have checked that the break is not touching but I cant figure out the sound.

  • Houston Happy - Awesome product!

    This product was suggested to me by a group of nurses. The doctors that they work for recommend this to their patients. So, I had to try it. I've been using it for over a year and it definitely works. I don't have to take it year round because my allergies are seasonal and I have learned to use it during the high seasons of fall and spring. I DO, however, have a friend who was on the brink of steroid shots and perhaps surgery to try to eliminate her debilitating allergies. She started taking this after I recommended it to her and now, has no problem. That's pretty amazing!

  • ShopTilSheDrops - Probiotics Are A Must!

    These probiotics are a must have! I just wish they were cheaper but most probiotics are expensive. It is worth it for a healthy baby especially if they are having problems with diarrhea or constipation. They are also great to use two hours after antibiotics to introduce the good bacteria back into the digestive system. A must have for all parents!

  • michelle - it is the best for hair like mine (very fine

    this is my go to daily conditioner. my hair has grown to bra band length using it with extra virgin olive oil, spring water and gentle detangling. it is the best for hair like mine (very fine, very soft, porous, tightly coiled hair).