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  • jd103 - Not my kind of trip

    This was my first time reading this Best American series--it will be my last. I knew I was in trouble when the Series Editor's Foreword went on about it being sexy and exciting to be part of a crowd of rich people spending thousands of dollars on wine. That's not a way of life I want anything to do with.

  • Dennis K Miller, Sr. - Freezer Burn

    I used earlier versions and was totally happy. Installed the new version and what a negative experience. I got it loaded ok but the darned thing freezes up as I try to import simple photos to a project. Not only does it lock up but it freezes the entire computer forcing me to power down and reboot. There is no warning message that something is amiss or I've done some bizaro thing Roxio doesn't like. Piece of garbage.

  • Bradley J. Taylor - Good value, decent design

    Well, I have to say, I was not looking forward to putting this puppy together, especially considering the reviews. But it definitely helps to have someone manage the parts and help you lift the thing on it's side. It is VERY heavy and bulky/awkward, and I don't recommend doing it yourself.