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Omaha OBGYN | OB/GYN Services by MPC - As Omaha's largest OB/GYN practice, the Methodist Physicians Clinic Women's Center offers wide-ranging health services for women.

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  • J. Laury - Journal entry, day 91...

    It's been almost 100 days since I "disposed" of the Uranium Ore I purchased from Amazon.com. Seeing as how they sent me 10 orders instead of 1 I thought it would be alright to dispose of the two or three cans in the backyard. 91 days later and I'm barricaded in my house, beseiged by mutated grasshoppers, bees, wasps, and ants the size of ponies. My food stores are dwindling; I only have a few gallons of 

  • S. Mulhern - Crap. Watch now frozen.

    Crap. Poor directions. Bluetooth kept disconnecting, even though I was wearing the watch and the phone. Mediatek app connected occasionally. Now the watch is frozen. I cannot turn it off and am waiting for the battery to run out.

  • Statman - Pleasant and Enjoyable

    Well, it's Crosby, Stills, & Nash. It's tempting to give this an extra star just for keeping on, keeping on. However, there's nothing here that sounds nearly as good, or as fresh, as these guys in their prime. The new songs are nice, but mostly forgetable. Crosby's and Nash's voices still sound good, but have definitely aged, while Stills' voice is personable, but muted. The backing band is every bit as professional as might be expected. Stills' finds some room for very expressive guitar work, but certainly not as often as for his solo performances. I prefer this to the choppy, but likeable, Deja Vu Live, but certainly not to any of their live performances from the 70s & 80s, or to Stills' Live at Shepherd's Bush. But CSN fans should find plenty to enjoy here. Great to have CDs and DVD together. (This review is not for Blu-Ray, which I think is great technology, but excessively expensive for digital video.)

  • Earl David T. - Exactly as described.

    I am very satisfied with this purchase. Decided to start playing again after a 10+ year hiatus, so purchasing this was a no-brainer. A buddy of mine also purchased this same product. The description of "125 semi-randomized cards" means that they package the same cards in all of them, and the only "random cards" included are the 4 booster packs.

  • Amazon Customer - Works As Advertised (2008 Acadia)

    Arrived in about 3 days: great price, great results, a snap to install. -- just screw it in and tune your radio.

  • Abby - Like this serum!

    I so love Retinol serums. VItamin A is so great for your face, and I always try to get the 2.5% formulation. This product contains all the things that you would normally find in this kind of serum: hyaluronic acid, green tea, and vitamin E. As with many serums, it's not particularly hydrating, but if you've bought these products before, you're aware of that already. Just don't expect this to replace a moisturizer, but rather add it to your moisturizer. It does brighten skin and make my skin tone more even - my skin drinks it in and loves it.

  • Valentine - Son likes it and so do I!

    I love this clock so much. My son has Autism and we put it in his room as a reminder to stay in bed until it's time to get up. It's simple to program and my son loves the stoplight function. When the alarm is on, the light will go from red to yellow to green depending on how close it is to the alarm's time. It has an alarm sound that is a standard alarm buzz and volume-meaning it's rather loud and annoying. It can be run on batteries or plugged in to the wall, we leave it plugged in because I don't want to chance the batteries running out in it. It's all plastic which definitely concerned me at first as my son can be a little rough on things, but it's been in his room for months now and no problems. It's survived small falls onto carpet so I'm happy with that at least.