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Moss Vale Community Pharmacy. T: 4868 1293. Address: 412 Argyle Street, Moss Vale, NSW. Southern Highlands Chemist. - Moss Vale Community Pharmacy provides a full range of pharmacy service as a leading Southern Highlands chemist. Prescriptions. Gifts. Cold and Flu. Skin Care. Natural remedies. Vitamins. Blood Pressure Checks. Dental. Beauty.

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City: 151.2002 New South Wales, Australia

  • intheboondox - These are really great vitamins and have so many different things in them

    These are really great vitamins and have so many different things in them. They taste terrible! Even in the mouth for a split second leaves a terrible taste. I've had to bargain with my daughter for her to take them.

  • Dani Robinson - love

    Natural hair: I massage this into my scalp at night and it works wonderfully. Will try on my feet and face and see how that works. $1.50 at my local dollar store so I got several!!

  • hwatts - It has the opposite effect on me!

    I have eczema and sensitive/dry skin in general and I was excited to try this product from Aveeno because I love their lotions. This cream dries out my face. :-( I guess I'm special in that it just doesn't work for me.

  • Marcia Kaye Tamez - Great product

    This machine is so quiet. Also, I am still using it on the low setting but I can feel the difference already. I have had no prolems with leaking but I have only had mine a couple of weeks. It is so much better than the other brands I have had in the past and finally thrown out with the trash. Including a WaterPik which is suppose to be the best. I don't feel that you can go wrong with this purchase.

  • Rebecca J. - I liked this keyboard

    I liked this keyboard, but some of the keys stopped responding properly (switch chattering - it would either not work at all, or give me duplicate characters) after only a few months of use and I haven't yet had the time or motivation to mess around with it to try and fix it. My much cheaper Logitech keyboard has had zero issues for more than a year now, so I just switched them out and I'm using the Logitech instead. Overall, I was disappointed in the quality of this product versus its cost.

  • K Kim - Great for the price.

    I bought this after owning a Chrome bag for years. Unfortunately I moved last July and in the process lost that bag, which I loved.