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  • Norma Fleming - Where Are My Tylenol Arthritis?

    I've been taking "Tylenol Arthritis " for over 12 years now. Somebody may have "bought" the rights to the name,

  • joan berlly - A wonderful, funny

    A wonderful,funny, touching and sometimes brutally honest journey through this super talented woman's life. She touches on issues and challenges in her life that many of us can relate to - difficult childhood, lack of self esteem, troubled marriages. I loved traveling with her on her quest to overcome the past to succeed in becoming one of today's top lyricists A great read! I loved it and didn't want it to end!

  • smtwny - Useful as part of a larger weight loss plan

    I started the RealDose weight loss formula supplement about a month ago. I have been on a weight loss journey for the past 3 years with over 100 pounds to lose. I have followed a low carbohydrate plan with good success but still struggled at times with adherence to plan.

  • Richard Sprowal - I was suppose to get the softgels, but got ...

    I was suppose to get the softgels, but got hte old version. I beleive when you advertise a porduct you should sell the same product.

  • Amazon Customer - TYME tamed my hair into pretty, long curls

    I have thick, wavy hair that hates regular curling irons, but my TYME iron has been able to tame my hair into pretty, soft curls. Curling became easy after 4-5 uses, although I definitely use a different technique on the right and left sides. I use a good smoothing product like I would with any straightener, so I haven't experienced any frizzing or damage at all.

  • Found Highways - Essays to Savor One at a Time

    Best of this series in several years. Hits a range of essay types, such as a brainy entry from Isaiah Berlin, a humorous piece from David Sedaris, a bit of history from Malcolm Gladwell, a couple of articles about aging, one about a dude and the cat that adopted him, Zadie Smith on the view from her Manhattan apartment. You won't click with every entry, but there are enough winners here to make it well worth your while.

  • hbthemik - Timbuk2 small classic for a college student

    I just wanted to mention about the particular size of the bag I bought (small) since it was the hardest part for me when I was buying..