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  • http://www.myositis.org/site-use/contact-us Contact Us - TMA - The Myositis Association - Mail The Myositis Association 1737 King Street, Suite 600 Alexandria, VA 22314 Phone 703-299-4850 (DC Area) 800-821-7356 (Toll-free) Fax 703-535-6752
  • http://www.myositis.org/learn-about-myositis Learn About Myositis - TMA - The Myositis Association - What is myositis? Myositis means muscle inflammation, and can be caused by infection, injury, certain medicines, exercise, and chronic disease.
  • http://www.myositis.org/learn-about-myositis/types-of-myositis/dermatomyositis Dermatomyositis - TMA - The Myositis Association - Dermatomyositis (DM) affects people of any age or sex, but is found in more women than men.
  • http://www.myositis.org/learn-about-myositis/types-of-myositis/juvenile-dermatomyositis Juvenile Dermatomyositis - TMA - The Myositis Association - Juvenile Myositis (JM) is found in children under the age of 18 and affects 3,000 to 5,000 children in the United States.
  • http://www.myositis.org/learn-about-myositis/types-of-myositis/inclusion-body-myositis Inclusion-Body Myositis - TMA - The Myositis Association - Inclusion-body myositis (IBM) is found in more men than women with onset usually occurring after age 50.
  • http://www.myositis.org/learn-about-myositis/types-of-myositis/polymyositis Polymyositis - TMA - The Myositis Association - Polymyositis (PM) is found mostly in people over the age of 20 and affects more women than men. Muscle weakness usually happens over days, weeks or months.
  • http://www.myositis.org/learn-about-myositis/types-of-myositis/orbital-myositis Orbital Myositis - TMA - The Myositis Association - Orbital myositis (also called idiopathic orbital or ocular myositis) is a subtype of nonspecific orbital inflammation that usually involves the
  • http://www.myositis.org/learn-about-myositis/diagnosis/blood-tests Blood Tests - TMA - The Myositis Association - There are a number of blood tests your doctor may choose. The following is a list of some of these.
  • http://www.myositis.org/learn-about-myositis/diagnosis/muscle-or-skin-biopsy Muscle or Skin Biopsy - TMA - The Myositis Association - Muscle biopsy Depending on the results of other lab tests, your doctor may order a muscle biopsy.
  • http://www.myositis.org/learn-about-myositis/diagnosis/electro-diagnostic-tests Electro-Diagnostic Tests - TMA - The Myositis Association - MRI A magnetic resonance imaging scan, or MRI, is used to see small changes in the body that cannot be seen with a normal x-ray.
  • http://www.myositis.org/learn-about-myositis/diagnosis/antibody-testing Antibody Testing - TMA - The Myositis Association - Antibody Testing and Predicted Outcomes An initial diagnosis of myositis is usually made from conventional blood and electro-diagnostic tests and a
  • http://www.myositis.org/learn-about-myositis/diagnosis/questioning-your-diagnosis Questioning your diagnosis - TMA - The Myositis Association - Many myositis patients are diagnosed only after visiting many health professionals.
  • http://www.myositis.org/learn-about-myositis/treatment Treatment - TMA - The Myositis Association - Myositis varies tremendously from patient to patient, and no one treatment works for everyone.
  • http://www.myositis.org/learn-about-myositis/treatment/medications Medications - TMA - The Myositis Association - While there is not yet a cure for myositis, for some patients, treatments can effectively control and improve symptoms.
  • http://www.myositis.org/learn-about-myositis/treatment/physical-therapy Physical Therapy - TMA - The Myositis Association - Physical therapy and individually approved exercise programs are becoming important parts of standard myositis treatment plans.
  • http://www.myositis.org/learn-about-myositis/treatment/vitamins-and-supplements Vitamins and Supplements - TMA - The Myositis Association - Although no supplements are approved specifically for treating myositis, physicians and patients have found the following over-the-counter supplements
  • http://www.myositis.org/learn-about-myositis/treatment/new-treatments-under-study New treatments under study - TMA - The Myositis Association - Tocilizumab for PM and DMNovartis BAF312 for PMNovartis BY338 for IBM   Updated March 2015
  • http://www.myositis.org/learn-about-myositis/complications Complications - TMA - The Myositis Association - Like anyone with a complex autoimmune disease, each myositis patient should watch for symptoms that don't appear to be part of the disease itself.
  • http://www.myositis.org/learn-about-myositis/complications/cancer Cancer - TMA - The Myositis Association - While myositis doesn't cause cancer, physicians have found that a higher than normal percentage of dermatomyositis (DM) and polymyositis (PM) patients
  • http://www.myositis.org/learn-about-myositis/complications/dysphagia Dysphagia - TMA - The Myositis Association - Dysphagia: Difficulty Swallowing Dysphagia, or trouble swallowing, occurs in about one-third of myositis patients.
  • http://www.myositis.org/learn-about-myositis/complications/interstitial-lung-disease Interstitial Lung Disease - TMA - The Myositis Association - Interstitial lung disease is a term that includes dozens of chronic lung disorders.
  • http://www.myositis.org/learn-about-myositis/complications/overlapping-autoimmune-diseases Overlapping Autoimmune Diseases - TMA - The Myositis Association - Some people with myositis also have another autoimmune disease. This is often called 'overlap syndrome.
  • http://www.myositis.org/learn-about-myositis/helpful-videos TMA Videos - TMA - The Myositis Association - Sometimes a video is worth many hundreds of words, and you'll find lots of information in TMA's videos, whether instructions, stories, or sessions from

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