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Over-the-counter medications & pharmacy Staten Island & Brooklyn - Nate's Pharmacy is your home for over-the-counter medications, a complete Long Term Care Pharmacy and home medical equipment in Staten Island, New York City and Brooklyn

  • https://www.natespharmacy.com/About-Us Our full-service independent pharmacies have free home delivery - Nate’s Pharmacy in Staten Island, Brooklyn and New York City is New York's largest full-service independent pharmacies. See us for pre-packaging of medication, free delivery of prescriptions & mastectomy s
  • https://www.natespharmacy.com/Nates-Healthcare Quality durable medical equipment for sale, diabetic footwear - Nate’s Healthcare has quality durable medical equipment for sale. See Nate’s Healthcare for diabetic footwear, prosthetics, scoliosis braces, mastectomy supplies, enteral feeding supplies and more.
  • https://www.natespharmacy.com/Diabetic-Shoes Nate's Healthcare sells Diabetic Shoes for men & women - Nate's Healthcare sells diabetic shoes for men & women. Are you looking for shoes for diabetics? Buy diabetic shoes in the latest styles at Nate's
  • https://www.natespharmacy.com/Surgical-Supplies Nate's Healthcare has surgical braces and other Surgical Supplies - See Nate's Healthcare for surgical braces, compression garments, and sickroom supplies. We have certified mastectomy fitters on-site
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  • https://www.natespharmacy.com/Orthotics-and-Prosthetics Buy orthotic insoles & bracing and support for sports injuries - Our orthotics and prosthetics include knee braces, neck braces, arm slings, ankle braces, orthotic insoles, and bracing and support for sports injuries. Stop in today
  • https://www.natespharmacy.com/Compounding-Pharmacy What is medication compounding? Learn customized medications - What is medication compounding? Medication and prescription compounding creates customized medication for people who can’t swallow pills. Nate’s offers compounding for dental patients
  • https://www.natespharmacy.com/Dental-Compounding Medication compounding for dental procedures from Nate's - Nate's Pharmacy offers medication compounding for dental procedures. We create prescription medications for dentists and dental patients for pain anxiety.
  • https://www.natespharmacy.com/Compounding-for-Pets Nate's Pharmacy has a specialized compounding pharmacy for pets - Nate's Pharmacy is a specialized compounding pharmacy for pets. We can create customized pet medications. We offer compounding pharmacy medications for veterinarians
  • https://www.natespharmacy.com/Medication-Therapy-Management Nate’s offers one-on-one private appointments with a pharmacist - Nate's Pharmacy offers all aspects of medication therapy management including one-on-one private appointment with a pharmacist, follow-up appointments to check blood pressure or blood glucose
  • https://www.natespharmacy.com/VitaCare-Long-Term-Pharmacy Offering medication management for assisted living facilities - VitaCare Long Term Pharmacy from Nate’s Pharmacy offers medication management for assisted living facilities and medication management for long-term senior care centers
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  • Ryan Coatney - It feels like sand.

    It is about as close to playing with real wet sand as you can get. Clean up is very simple since the parts seem to be attracted to each other.

  • John D. - Great book

    Eye opening look into DHEA and how it relates to your overall health. Everyone over 40 should at least have the DHEA checked.

  • chrissy - I have been using for around two months, I ...

    I have been using for around two months, I have noticed quite a few baby hairs popping up and my hair does appear to be thicker. Keep in mind though this will not prevent old hair from falling out and the second you start using you must continue or the new hair will fall out.

  • Albert.O - Learning to code

    I am on chapter 3 of 31 now. Lots of good background information about insurance and necessary information to understand how to decipher the information in the ICD-9 manual. I have the 2011 version, so I am not up to date. The 2011 version is much cheaper since it is not up to date, but I wanted to learn the ins and outs of how to code and that is what I am getting. I feel I am getting a good learning experience with this purchase.

  • C. Tranter - they look nothing like the quality of those used by Toyota installed on ...

    They are ok. I had to buy a 4 set even though I was only using two because of running board installation. Also, they look nothing like the quality of those used by Toyota installed on the car or as part of purchase. Not sure how "genuine" they really are. They got the job done.

  • Writer - I Do Believe!

    The first couple of weeks after I used this product I sucked my teeth in disgust. "I wasted $20.00 on this junk! " I grunted to myself. I kept seeing roaches all over the place. I just kept spraying until the can was almost finished because I didn't want to waste my money. Guess what? By the fourth week I started seeing the roaches disappear. I was amazed. Even though some people claim that their roaches disappeared overnight, it did not work for me that quickly. If you want to try this product then I recommend you do. Just don't expect results right away.

  • Philip Furr - the 12 year old has had a terrible flea problem for about a year

    We have 2 German Shepherds, 9 and 12 years old. For some reason, the 12 year old has had a terrible flea problem for about a year. I've tried shampoos, sprays and frontline, none of which helped. I bought one Seresto to try without any research or reading any reviews. Contrary to one review I've since read, the directions were very clear and easy to understand. Within 24 hours, the majority of the fleas were gone. The remaining ones were moving slowly and looked affected by the collar. At 36 hours, there were still a few fleas, and I was beginning to doubt the effectiveness of complete clearing. However, by 48 hours, I couldn't find a flea. Of course, we washed the bedding and sprayed the area where they hang out. Vacuuming is also wise. I decided to order a collar for the 9 year old and that's when I read a lot of the reviews. Some with seizures, muscle weakness, etc. My 12 year old has worn the collar continuously for a month now except for about 2 hours when we bathed her a week ago. She has had NO problems what so ever. She has pre-existing muscle weakness in her hind quarters from bone spurs in her spine, but she is still a playful and happy girl. Her coat is thick and beautiful again whereas it was very thin along her back, rump and tail. She seems much more rested and comfortable, peaceful, with no scratching or gnawing. I am a physician , in practice for the last 30 years, and I can tell you, all drugs affect people differently, with varying side effects. NO drug is 100% safe. I would pay a lot more for this product, especially if it really lasts 8 months. Gretchen will be 13 in 3 months and Schatze will be 10. I cannot thank Bayer enough for making the remaining days of our beloved shepherds more comfortable.