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*** NETCONSORCIO *** Seu Consórcio na Internet - O portal NETCONSÓRCIO entra no mercado para inovar e criar um novo canal de distribuição para o sistema Consórcio, pois irá disponibilizar ao consumidor uma ferramenta diferenciada, economicamente rentável, em um universo prático e objetivo que conduzirá ativamente a realização do sonho de consumo.

Country:, South America, BR

City: -46.6289 Sao Paulo, Brazil

  • b.deren - Bright but...

    This light is very bright but very compact so it doesn't really stay cool long enough to be used at its highest setting for long. I use it with 18650 and it runs forever on lower settings. The brightest setting would probably damage the light and or battery if run for too long. It gets too hot to comfortably handle especially in summer months. I'd recommend the TK22 U2 as a superior light with much better cooling capacity. Have both and the TK22 @ 650lm sees much more use. This one just sits in the car in case of an emergency. Might actually sell it down the line. I'd say stay away from these compact lights unless you absolutely need the most brightness in the smallest package without the need to run it for long periods.

  • Patty - very disappointed - i understood that therapeutic grade meant you could ...

    very disappointed - i understood that therapeutic grade meant you could take it internally or would not have bought it. got it and it says not to be taken internally, so they need to change how they market this

  • Daniel - Appears to work

    I'm biased towards all fuel additives being snake oil except for diesel injector cleaner and biocide a few times a year.

  • Robert Brys Jr - Good/bad

    Not good for trail riding trees and thorns rip it right apart. As for open track riding it's awesome. Light weight and breathes easy.

  • mercin - The screen is great and the keyboard works well enough

    Unpacked today - 10/15/2015 - and it is faster than I would have imagined. Just casted from Pandora while playing a netflix video with a few more tabs open, still zipped along.

  • Monica Vazquez - It works

    This seems to work quite well. We've been using it for 1 month now and no fleas in sight. It does smell a bit, so it's best to use outside.