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Cottonwood Pain Management | Dr. Thomas Valente | Pain Treatment Doctor | Cottonwood, AZ - Dr. Thomas Valente is Arizona's premiere pain management specialists located in Cottonwood, Arizona. Services include the treatment of spine pain, back pain, and other chronic pain conditions.

  • http://www.noazspineandpain.com/about-us.html Dr. Thomas J. Valente | Pain Management Doctor in Cottonwood, Arizona - Dr. Thomas J. Valente, D.O. is a board Certified interventional pain management doctor / specialist with over 20 years of medical experience. Our office is located in Cottonwood, AZ.
  • http://www.noazspineandpain.com/procedures.html Pain Management for Back, Neck, Joints | Sciatica | Arthritis Treatment | Cottonwood, Arizona - Specific pain conditions we treat include sciatica, low back pain, neck pain, pinched nerves, arthritis pain, and sports injuries. Our office is located in Cottonwood, AZ.

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  • Shayla Shade - Awesome Book!

    Great Book! I recommend this book to anyone who's in need of any help of some great advise to future HR professionals!

  • Armando velazquez - Best cutter ever

    This is a must have tool for any electrician I bought this because i needed to install 4" recessed lights on plaster ceiling I have a 6" hole saw carbide and I was looking for the same but 4" when I saw this cutter and I decided to give it a try since sometimes I install 8" speakers to be able to make all different sizes of holes with one tool and is amazing how this works I couldn't believe how easy I made those 4" hole on plaster after that I clean the cutter and inspected because I was worried that the bit was damage but nothing it looks like I haven't used it yet so I highly recommend this cutter 👍🏻

  • Sean Wayne - Good System, Good Price

    I purchased the i5 model, before they installed SteamOS, (win8 version). I am a Linux power user, so I would have been fine either way. However, in utilizing this for STEAM, windows is currently a better solution, in my opinion. If you have the ability to install, I would, just to ensure the most complete gaming experience. SteamOS isnt "there" yet. As far as the box is concerned, I like it. It is a small PC with decent guts, especially for the price. And the beauty is that it is still a computer that can always be re-purposed.

  • SillyGirl71 - using the product seemed AMAZING so I said

    I can honestly say, I became a brand partner a little over a year ago. At first, using the product seemed AMAZING so I said, why not?! Now, first of all if you do get involved it's like a total cult mentality-no lie. They're a bit nuts with it and if someone tries to sell you that "I love making my own hours and working when I want to so I can be with my family.." it's crap! Funny, these people say they have time freedom but want you on calls and events every week on evenings and weekends,...FAMILY TIME! Now to the product. About three months ago it stopped working for me. I mean, dead stop. My crows feet were awful, the frown line and laugh lines deeper, so I asked my friend who signed me up and I got "could have been a bad batch. Open a new bottle." Still nothing. Went to my medspa and got botox (which actually does work miracles! lol) and the doctor and I discussed it and he told me that in some people it WILL work great for a LIMITED time due to the fact that the oleander tends to cause inflammation. When you're inflamed and "puffy" it decreases the appearance of wrinkles. Over time, I built up a tolerance (just as you would to a medication you take daily) and the swelling decreased more and more...showing the wrinkles. 100% honesty, I get better results with the Neutrogena Ageless Intensives line. All their products are great and inexpensive. By the way, all the other ingredients in Nerium are laughable and common and found in EVERY OTC moisturizer. I feel like a bad person for calling out a company I've been affiliated with but I would say don't bother and DEF don't get roped into the "business". Oh and if you HATE network marketing "catch phrases" like "you're on FIRE" and "You don't want to miss this ride!" you will want to beat all of them senseless :)

  • Curt Allred - My Mother In Law Hates Me

    She gave me this book as a present for my wife and my 12th wedding anniversary. The thing is, I really like the book.

  • Twinmom424 - Great Advent Calendar

    These calendars are great, they are complete toys in each day of the 25 days. My son loves to build them before school. With Amazon Prime the pricing is better than the Lego Store in the mall, or online.