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  • Steve T - Awesome Childrens Book Full Of Fun Stories For Kids

    I picked this book up on a whim and boy am I glad that I did. It has a ton of great stories in it to read to your kids, or if they are older for them to read to themselves, or maybe a younger sibling. My six year old loves to ready to his 14 month old little brother. It is great practice for the older kids and fun for the little ones that can't yet read. I highly recommend this book if you have young kids, or heck, even if you just like cute short stories. And at 2.99 you can't go wrong. Most of us spend more then that on our morning beverage of choice.

  • Nicholas - Good mouse. lights stay on when computer is turned off

    Final mouse tournament pro is a good mouse. However When I turn off my computer if the mouse is still plugged in the lights stay on. If there was some way to turn of the light that would be great. It fits my hand perfectly and I like the two side buttons. I also I like that the mouse is very light. A lot lighter than my razer death adder 2013. I would recommend purchasing this mouse.

  • Evan Johnson - Best earpiece I've used for this price range.

    I bought the first one 2 years ago, and after the rubber over-the-ear tube finally completely wore out and broke apart leaving only the plastic wire inside, I decided to buy a new one (it still worked, but wasn't springy anymore so it didn't stay on the ear very well.)

  • Sue Taylor - Bad for me, but a good shoe.

    Description doesn't state that the tongue flap of this shoe is sewn together on both sides, making it a non-adjustable tie shoe. If one has a high instep this shoe doesn't work at all. On the positive side it is very well-constructed and light as a feather. If your feet swell at all this is not the shoe for you. The Amazon return process was very convenient, and I will probably shop shoes again.

  • Kayla - Perfect

    My oven is awful so this is no miracle but It works, in my oven i had to mix this with salt to get the gunk off. However it isnt for me, too much hard work. Could have done the same with a made at home product.

  • Kindle Customer - BLEW MY MIND

    Growing up in the sixties I remember Birmingham and half a dozen other cities were always mentioned on the news regularly about how great they were to live and work in with numerous industrial plants, corporations and businesses. Then over the years the positive comments about Birmingham seem to vanish until this past Thanksgiving when one of my cousins made a comment about the "demise" of Birmingham. That comment prompted me to order this book which I finished reading last week.

  • P. Williams - Seems to work for me!

    I have been battling yeast overgrowth in my intestinal system for years and this has been the best remedy I have found yet. My overgrowth probably resulted from taking too many antibiotics to deal with bacterial overgrowth resulting from weight loss surgery. I find as long as I take at least two of these capsules at bedtime, the problem is more manageable. I have tried a lot of other candida products and this one seems the best.