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NRS Sports Therapy, Sheffield - NRS Sports Therapy based in Sheffield specialise in providing safe, high quality care to help heal your pain naturally, without surgery or drugs.

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  • Drenn Workman - Excellent

    Excellent product, easy to use. Within a week I was able to create a 3 fold flyer for our group with ease. It does need a few more features, however.

  • AmazonCustomer - Not A Good Value

    This is one of those "you get less than what you pay for" socket sets. The case doesn't hold the sockets in place when closed, and the ratchet wrench has very loose mechanism - hard to turn knob, then easy to turn next try - not great construction. It is a good emergency socket set. For frequent use or when it has to work every time - pass this set. The good thing is it has very small sized sockets that you don't find in other sets.

  • Gunner - Nice read....I like his work.

    I enjoyed this book...and I am reminded that the end of times is known by no man. The LORD alone knows of the time that he will call us to join him. I so look forward to the rapture!

  • Jonathan Pierre-Louis - works like a charm and fit just like they said

    works like a charm and fit just like they said...just had to pay Volkswagon to program it because I dont have the necessary equipment to do so myself

  • A. Pullen - Excellent pre-made EDH deck

    First, I'll admit that I got this for its MSRP at a local game store when it released. For the price I got it at, it's a great collection of cards and plays very well with Nekusar. Jeleva is pretty weak with many of the cards in this deck (a few too many x cost and reactionary cards to make her useful), but I have still won a game using her as a commander. as with all the commander decks I have seen (excludes Nature of the Beast), it can definitely use some modifications depending on what commander you want to use, but even right out of the box, this is a strong deck. 65 bucks is a little steep, but to mitigate some of the cost, you could sell True-Name Nemesis (30-35 dollars) if you're not a serious collector.