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Ohio Asthma Coalition - The Ohio Asthma Coalition is a collaborative group of medical and public health professionals, business and government agency leaders, community activists and others dedicated to improving the quality of life for people with asthma through information-sharing, networking and advocacy.

Country:, North America, US

City: -81.4401 Ohio, United States

  • Amazon Customer - I haven't had long enough to tell how it's going ...

    I haven't had long enough to tell how it's going to work? So I'm going to try them pills too to see how they wk together.

  • Theobert Ahlberg - VideoHound mvlie reviews.

    Excellent book to look up facts on movies, actors, awards, etc. I usually get a new edition every couple of years.

  • Edubb - Watching my entire bluray collection all over...

    This TV really impressed me! I never had a tv this large (65 inch)and look this good! I don't have a 4k player so I streamed netflix 4k. First viewing was Daredevil and let me tell you...the show looked like live news footage downtown..lol 4k is definitely where it's at! The TV improved the visuals on my blurays and HD videos as well. Hopefully more 4k content becomes available but for now I'm still good. Can't wait to hook up a good surround sound system to it. If you crazy about visuals GET THIS TV!

  • Ashrae - The Devil's Work

    I think that this author is one of THE best at the psychological thriller genre. He has a way of getting right under my skin and basically controls my life from the moment I pick up one of his books until the very last page. I am basically putty in his hands. Oh and it's not exactly a smooth ride either because he writes about things that can happen to people like me. That's what make his stories all the more scary, they ARE possible. They also keep me right on my toes as a reader as he is also the master of bait and switch, the devil of deception and the king of wrong footing. But you know what, he does it in such a clever way so I never feel cheated as I have with some authors' twists coming right out of left field.

  • Kate Higgins - Great Protein but not great for weight loss

    Isalean is a great protein except for three reasons 1. extremely pricey compared to other proteins at gnc type stores 2. doesn't fill you enough to last 3-5 hours 3. if you're using it for weight loss be prepared to gain it all back when you slowly introduce normal foods. The protein is of high quality and would be a great product if used after the gym to repair muscles and aide in recovery but weight loss wise its a very temporary fix that will leave you gaining more weight back.