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OMOZ 2016 - The OMOZ 2016 conference will provide a forum for all researchers, clinical practitioners and health workers investigating and treating chronic ear disease in Australia.

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  • addicted_to_amazon - I really like how simple this product is

    I really like how simple this product is. I have used any energy drinks and reviewed them here on amazon and they all work well but what I do like about this is that it is simply a caffeine stick, which can used in any drink. Water, soda , whatever, just dip and stir. So if the taste of energy drinks don't appeal to you , than these certainly will because there is hardly any after taste. I say hardly because truth is this is made with stevia and it can be tasted if your not used to the artificial sweetness that it delivers. Overall though the taste is hardly noticed especially in a nice cold beverage. I purchased a 6 pack to start with but plan on buy-in more than enough larger packs to suit my needs. These are pretty long sticks and arrived completely intact which is a great thing. There are lots of reviews on this item and they all say the same thing which is it works. This I can agree with , after using 3 sticks , 2 in one day and the third on a different. I can say I noticed an extra bolt of energy, although I felt like it was a few hours of energy as compared to other energy drinks which seems shorter than I had experienced. I have felt no side effects and no fatigue and would recommend giving it a try if your curious yourself. I suggest a call pack to start and then moving up when you find your tolerance for the product.

  • Tury - Like any other regular computer

    It is exactly a computer, not a powerful computer to play video games or design activities but good enough for web surfing, office and school work, streaming HD videos and social networks. I just connected a wireless keyboard with keypad included in the USB port, plugged it in a 19" TV I have (which is cheaper than a monitor and has built in speakers) and that's it. I have a working Windows 10 computer for just $99.

  • Mary Soppe - Great! It saved us on every thing!

    I had a feeling things would go fast, time, money,....what else is there in VEGAS? We were able to use the information & save money on things like meals. there are a lot of places that will take these coupons. the hotel we stayed at even took it. I like to play slots, it was a great way to get information on what not to do. also gave us credits to play with. that's why we were there. I recommend anyone who is going to any of the many gambling places, to first get the book. You will be glad you did. Mary in CO.

  • Flip - Great!

    I have used the crest white strips and this does just as good , if not better of a job without getting all the tooth and gum sensitivity. I have bought this several times now.

  • Brad Southard - Beware of ThreeLac and do thorough research before trying

    I just stopped taking ThreeLac because I developed a severe skin infection with a burning rash. At first I did not connect the ThreeLac to the rash. After several days it became worse and I saw a doctor who prescribed anti-biotics for the skin infection. I stopped taking the ThreeLac since I was now taking anti-biotics and decided to do an internet search for other probiotics that I could take while on the antibiotic. I came across a Holistic health care provider's website where she described her reaction to ThreeLac and many other people left comments about their experiences...most negative. I was surprised since I had read so many positive reviews and I thought that probiotics could do no harm - they would either help or do nothing so I thought. After reading through those experiences I felt weak and panicky because I realized that all my current symptoms were due to the release of a pathogenic bacteria into my bloodstream which is the last ingredient in ThreeLac: enterococcus faecalis. It is a bacteria that normally resides in our intestines, but if you have too much, of have leaky gut syndrome (as most Candida sufferers do), it can enter you bloodstream and cause all kinds of infections. Many people reported getting urinary tract infections which led to kidney infections, and most people reported feeling weak, tired, dizzy, and having other related problems. I too feel sick and weak and horrible with this rash - all my symptoms meet the those of an infection with enterococcus faecalis.