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Welcome - On the Sea Bed & Breakfast | Bowen Island, BC - On the Sea B&B, a French themed Bed and Breakfast, located on beautiful Bowen Island, British Columbia.

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  • Jasmine JAmes - I like it

    Smell is alittle strong but after using them as directed i noticed my nails getting stronger and growing faster but i will have to be on it longer to see if it helps my hair

  • FamilyOf4 - Love this!

    After seeing several beauty bloggers and youtubers use one of these, I knew I needed one so I could always capture a great selfie, even in the dimmest of lights. This fits perfectly onto my iPhone 6S Plus, even with a cover over it. It takes 2 triple A (AAA) batteries, which are not included. We always have a supply of AAAs because we have headphones in our van that take those, so that was pretty convenient. These are even great to use just indoors when you want better lighting. Where I'm sitting right now, if I wanted to take a selfie, it would turn out okay because I have a big window to the right of me. However, I never realized just how much better the photo would look with the selfie light on. It makes a big difference and makes your whole face light up rather than mostly on one side. If I were in any condition to post a public picture of myself I would, but since I'm not maybe I can come back and post a photo later when I actually look decent. So, give me a few days and I'll get a good picture showing the difference in the same daylight from the same spot. It truly makes a difference. This can make all the difference in the way that the photos you're posting to Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook can look. Go from a grainy, dim photo to a well-lit one and it can make you look more awake, more vibrant, and make the color in your cheeks and eyes show up more. It fits into your purse so you don't have to worry about where to put it after you use it. It clips right onto your phone like a clothespin or bag clip would, and doesn't plug into anything so you don't need to do anything except put batteries in it and it's ready to go on any phone. I love it and recommend it for sure!

  • Chrys - The Stuff is the REAL DEAL!!

    In our old 40yr old house, We had a bad roach infestation and nothing seemed to get rid of them long term. Raid roach and ant spray worked great on contact (they would literally die 2 seconds after spraying them). My mom went to Walmart and picked up some this Combat Source Roach gel (we call it roach peanut butter...dont ask) and I kid you not...after about a week we literally saw no more roaches!

  • Fleur de Licious - It's working miracles in a bad situation. This stuff is the bombdiggity

    OMG. It's working miracles in a bad situation. This stuff is the bombdiggity!!!!!!!! Hey, don't do like me. Read the instructions. Just take the lid off and put it to work. You do NOT need to open it up any more than that. Duh. Hey, what can I say? Instructions are my Plan B. I wanna figure it out on my own first. I shoulda been a dude. LOLOL!!! Is it wine:thirty yet???

  • ILoveMyDog - cranks out the heat

    Arrived the other day, and has already surpassed my expectations. Read up on some helpful tips to get this going properly. I slip this into my shirt pocket while walking to dog, and the inside of my jacket gets real comfortable. I bought several more of these as gifts for family and friends.


    i wore it for less than 2 days and it got scratched thu the salesman guaranteed that it is scratch free. battery life is so short and the options are way too limited. design flows are pretty obvious on the screen and there is this black strip at the end of the screen which is pretty annoying! the watch does not answer calls (as APPLE WATCH).