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BR (PR) Health Care Technology | Health Care Management | Health Services - Optum is a special collection of people, capabilities, competencies, technologies, perspectives and partners sharing the same simple goal: making the health care system work better for everyone.

  • http://www.optum.com.br/content/optum/en/optumrx.html Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) - OptumRx is more than a PBM – we are a pharmacy care services company focused on connecting total condition spend and pharmacy’s impact across benefits.
  • http://www.optum.com.br/content/optum/en/thought-leadership.html Health Care Thought Leadership - Offering fresh perspective from the front lines of health care, Optum thought leadership program draws on trends and expert ideas across markets.
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  • http://www.optum.com.br/content/optum.html Health Services and Innovation Company - Optum helps modernize the health system's infrastructure, advance care and empower individuals as they take control of their own health.
  • http://www.optum.com.br/pt/sobre.html Sobre a Optum | Contribuindo para tornar o sistema de saúde mais saudável - Localmente atendemos a mais de 400 empresas, com um portifólio diversificado de clientes que inclui organizações públicas e privadas de todos os portes.
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  • http://www.optum.com.br/pt/contato.html Fale Conosco - Contact Optum for client support, sales inquiries, member information, and corporate information.
  • http://www.optum.com.br/pt/landing/psicologas.html O EAP – programa de assistência ao empregado da Optum oferece atendimento especializado à saúde mental. - Nosso EAP – programa de assistência ao empregado oferece também atendimento psicológico especializado dentre outros benefícios. De acordo com a negociação, atendimento telefônico e presencial são disponíveis, além da possibilidade do atendimento por outros canais digitais.

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  • StephanieReviews - Great book for testing strategies

    I couldn't afford the Kaplan class after graduation so I wanted to at least get the book. Well, I appreciated this books test taking strategies. It is something you have to practice and I can honestly say it helped me immensely on the NCLEX with questions I wasn't sure of. The practice test was alright. My study group really disagreed with some of the answers and rationals but it was a great book to have in addition to Exam Cram - PN. Passed in 85 questions!

  • Matt Steele - This is simply the best motherboard I've ever owned

    This is simply the best motherboard I've ever owned. This board has everything I could possibly imagine needing and I was able to achieve a stable 4.5 ghz overclock with my 5960X processor with no problems. I can take it higher but have no need.

  • mhansen - This is great, until you want to tilt back the toddler ...

    This is great, until you want to tilt back the toddler seat when it is facing forward, at which point you have to remove the parent organizer to do so. Very annoying!

  • P_Kaesberg - Seems to be working already after a few uses but it smells

    Only used it 10 or so times so far and already can see an improvment. I have a long way to go but progress is progress. I will warn you this stuff STINKS!!! If it did not seem to be working there is not way I would take the cap off the stuff again lol. The smell is the only thing keeping it from getting 5 stars at this point. Also it does take a bit to dry onto the nail so be prepared for that.

  • Lynette - LOVE this floss

    LOVE this floss! I feel like my teeth have never been this clean between. Glides easily, and removes what it needs to. Which is everything left over after brushing. This was recommended to me by a co-worker because she loves it too! A little pricey for floss, in comparison, but it works better, and you don't have to kill/test on animals to get it. Which is a major component for me to purchase​ items like these. Love it!


    Incredible floss! This floss catches everything in-between my teeth. The difference between cocofloss and other flosses that are just plastic is truly incredible. Also the flavors are really nice.