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  • tSAKELKA - Very quick and accurate! Easy to use.

    Every mom knows how difficult is to measure body temperature with an old fashioned class thermometer, when every second counts and you are fighting with a sick child to get him to stay still for a couple of minutes. What a great product Innoo Baby thermometer is! Convenient, light, easy to use VERY quick to measure the temperature. This product has also an option to measure a room temperature and other object temperature. I also like the alarm when your body has a high or low temperature. Excellent!!!

  • masutr - I used Olay products all my life which was great until I entered my 50's at which point I ...

    I used Olay products all my life which was great until I entered my 50's at which point I needed something a bit more aggressive. I tried the entire line of costly Algenist products as they purportedly are easier on sensitive skin. It is true that I had no problems with sensitivity but I also had little measurable results. I decided I had to give a retinol product a try and after researching hundreds of reviews, settled on roc. I experienced just a bit of dryness and redness the first couple of weeks that I easily managed by applying a non retinol face cream before the roc. This did the trick and after the first month, it was no longer necessary as any sensitivity issues had disappeared. I now use the whole line of roc products and love them all. It has been almost a year and there is a definite improvement. The more fine lines around the eyes have completely softened. Thanks to the summers at the Jersey Shore with minimal sunscreen, I had some deeper forehead wrinkles to handle. The roc products have definitely minimized those areas too. I doubt that there is any product short of surgery or Botox that would produce a more dramatic result. I do carefully select my makeup products and use blurring potions such as Lancome Visionnaire 1 minute blur and L'oreal moisture blur and eye blur. These products are

  • Stefka - not worth it

    Don't bother with this. It doesn't include a lot of business items as other software. Bought it because my other software was lost in the downloading of programs on new computer and I needed something in a hurry. Got the job done but not exactly what I needed.

  • Kelley .. - Easy on my skin!

    I have tried so many other brands of facial hair remover, but each one left my skin red with rash, that lasted a couple of days, followed by ugly peeling. The barrier cream that you apply first puts a nice cushion between the skin and the hair removal cream, and I have had no redness, rash, or peeling from this product. Thank goodness I found it!