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Overactive Bladder Symptoms - Find answers to questions regarding overactive bladder (OAB) and OAB symptoms. Read about common misconceptions about what causes oab .

  • http://www.overactivebladder.com/urinary-incontinence What is urinary incontinence introduction - Find information on the most common types of urinary incontinence. Learn about the differences between urgency incontinence and stress incontinence.
  • http://www.overactivebladder.com/symptom-quiz How can OAB Symptom Quiz help - Take the OAB symptom quiz to help you to understand your overactive bladder symptoms and assist you in speaking to your doctor or nurse.
  • http://www.overactivebladder.com/treatments What are the treatments for OAB introduction - Learn about overactive bladder treatment options, such as prescription medicines and positive changes in your everyday life.

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  • Gunner Maison - wrong size

    i bought this for halloween so i could go out with my little brother and have some fun well i got it and they had sent me a youth one though i needed a adult one you are given one buying option which is standard and there are people saying they are 6'4 and a waist of 36 and they can fit it fine im 5'10 and waist 34 and couldnt get it past my knees so i was obviously given a wrong one also mine didnt come with a cup holder like alot of people are saying mine came with a candy bag not like its a big deal but they should be a little bit more specific with their descriptions and buying options all in all its a funny costume i just got all the wrong stuff

  • Jacquelyn S. - A Miracle!

    This stuff is a life saver. I have been to the doctor before and been told that there's no issues with me but I've had odors for years that never go away no matter how clean I am! Even immediately after showering. This stuff worked in a matter of 2 days. When I started buying it on Amazon it was more like $18 but has since gone up but I still pay because it's less than all local stores. It is a continual supplement you need to take because I notice when I lose track or skip time taking it the odor comes back. It's worth $20/month for the self confidence boost and healthy feeling!

  • Armaris Narvaez - This thing is AMAZING! I got a large piece in my back ...

    This thing is AMAZING! I got a large piece in my back where part of the tattoo was really close to my armpit and my ribcage. I have several tattoo and never felt as much pain as I did with just the outline of this tattoo. As soon as I got home I researched this product and called my tattoo artist to ask if it was ok to try for the next session. After getting my tattoo artist's ok I bought this product. I was very skeptical, but I had nothing to lose. Well, I followed the instructions and applied the gel, had my husband wrap it 1 hour before my appointment. Let me tell you, this product is amazing, I didn't feel a thing. There were a couple of places where I didn't apply as much product and I could feel a burning sensation but no pain. I would recommend this product to anyone, except those getting their first tattoo, reason being is because if you have never gotten a tattoo before and do not know what it feels like you may not be able to withhold the burning sensation I got in certain parts. I will be using this product for all my tattoos from now on.

  • Karma Kat - A bit of a pain, but don't think it gets much better than this

    I can't believe it took me so long to review this, considering I purchased it well over 2 years ago. I purchased this for the man of the house since he supposedly has/had (does it ever go away?) periodontal disease. Long story short, I am the one who has ended up using it the most. Yes, it's a little messy and requires a bit of a laborious routine, but I think it's well worth it.