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Gesundheit! Institute Home - Gesundheit! Institute - The Gesundheit Institute is a 501(c)3 non-profit healthcare organization, whose mission is to reframe and reclaim the concept of ‘hospital’.

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  • http://www.patchadams.org/event/russia/ Gesundheit! Institute 32nd Annual Russia Clown Tour with Patch Adams - Gesundheit! Institute - This two-week adventure will take you to Moscow and St. Petersburg to clown in hospitals, orphanages, and nursing homes. No experience required!
  • http://www.patchadams.org/education/educational-philosophy-of-sdas/ Gesundheit! Institute Educational Philosophy of SDaS - Gesundheit! Institute - The School for Designing a Society, founded in 1991, is a project of people who want to change society by means of desire design.
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    I could tell instantly that this movie was going to well....be very disappointing. There was very bad acting, sound quality horrible, background music was weird and I couldn't even watch for 5 min, and I knew it was a really bad B movie!!! Sorry to those who made this movie, but, it just sucks.

  • G. Underwood - The best Tax Book

    I've been doing taxes for years and this is the best source. I tried others but found the organization, writing style, and index best with Lasser. Only complaint was the last time I checked the website was not updated for 2013, including the supplement.

  • Shae Brown - Get this guide!!!!!

    This was an awesome study guide. This book really made me feel prepared, and it went over everything that I encountered on the HESI Exam.

  • carlo - Almost perfect edc flashlight

    I would rate this flashlight 4.5/5 Overall it is great, excellent quality at a reasonable price, I like the illumination modes, the stainless steel switch, tails tand capability and the boundle with battery and charger gives you excellent value, but the flashlight is not perfect there are a couple of points which can be improved, for example the pocket clip rides too high and for the way it is mounted it can be hard to clip into your thicker pocket pants, I would like a loop over deep carry pocket clip. Although there are a lot of bigger flashlights out there, the tn12 is not the smallest, I wish it were a bit more compact. I'd like to see the tail switch made of stainless steel too. Something to notice, the battery tube can be reverted in order to put the pocket clip backwards and in that way you can use the Flashlight in the bill of your hat as a headlamp dough it is too heavy in my opinion.

  • Scooder - Another rip off

    I'm so sick of products being sold on TV and they don't work. They make all their money in shipping and handling. Thanks for all the reviews. I just saved over $35.00 by not buying this item.

  • Tommy - Price increase too much, look for other brands

    I've been a loyal ON Whey user for several years now, good product. But they've been raising the price every several months, and now it's become too expensive when compared to other similar products out there.