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Boise Personal Injury Attorney | Mahoney Law - Mahoney Law, PLLC is an Idaho law firm headquartered in Boise, serving the entire State of Idaho and clients throughout the Intermountain West (Eastern Washington, Utah, Eastern Oregon). We also represent clients nationally across the United States. Mahoney Law, PLLC is a Better Business Bureau accredited law firm based on our core values and approach to client service.

  • http://www.patrickmahoneylaw.com/areas-of-practice Litigation | Personal Injury | Medical Malpractice Attoreny - Boise Idaho - Mahoney Law - Mahoney Law Boise Idaho Areas of Practice. From Product Liability to Wronful Death we handle all forms of commercial and private law. Mahoney Law is a Boise, Idaho Law Firm specializing in Injury and Medical Law suits. We also provide legal services for cases involving professional negligence and malpractice; employment discrimination; employment contracts, including non-compete agreements and wage disputes; etc.
  • http://www.patrickmahoneylaw.com/areas-of-practice/personal-injury-attorney Personal Injury Attorney in Idaho - Mahoney Law PLLC, Boise Idaho Law Firm - Mahoney Law, PLLC offers personal injury legal services in Boise, Idaho. Contact us to speak to a personal injury attorney in Boise, Idaho.
  • http://www.patrickmahoneylaw.com/areas-of-practice/medical-negligence Medical Negligence and Malpractice Attorneys in Boise Idaho - Mahoney Law PLLC - Mahoney Law, PLLC offers medical negligence attorney services in Boise, Idaho. We serve as medical malpractice attorneys in Idaho, Eastern Washington, and Eastern Oregon.
  • http://www.patrickmahoneylaw.com/areas-of-practice/birth-injury Idaho Birth Injury Lawsuits - Birth Injuries - Boise Attorneys & Lawyers - Mahoney Law provides cerebral palsy, birth asphyxia and medical malpractice legal services to the Boise, Idaho, area. To get the help you need now, call (208) 345-6364 or (855) 882-6368.
  • http://www.patrickmahoneylaw.com/areas-of-practice/insurance-bad-faith Insurance Bad Faith Attorneys in Boise Idaho - Mahoney Law PLLC - Mahoney Law, PLLC offers insurance bad faith attorneys in Boise, Idaho. If you have an insurance bad faith case in Idaho, Eastern Oregon, or Eastern Washington, call us today.
  • http://www.patrickmahoneylaw.com/areas-of-practice/idaho-employment-law Employment Rights Attorney in Boise Idaho - Mahoney Law PLLC - Mahoney Law, PLLC offers employment rights attorneys in Boise, Idaho. We resolve employments rights cases in all of Idaho, Eastern Washington, and Eastern Oregon.
  • http://www.patrickmahoneylaw.com/areas-of-practice/commercial-litigation-attorney Commercial Litigation Attorneys in Boise, Idaho - Mahoney Law PLLC - Mahoney Law, PLLC offers commercial litigation attorneys in Boise, Idaho. We serve all of Idaho as well as Eastern Oregon and Eastern Washington. Free consultation.
  • http://www.patrickmahoneylaw.com/areas-of-practice/product-liability-law Product Liability Attorney in Boise Idaho - Mahoney Law, PLLC - Mahoney Law, PLLC offers product liability legal services in Boise, Idaho. Our product liability attorneys serve all of Idaho, Eastern Washington, and Eastern Oregon.
  • http://www.patrickmahoneylaw.com/law-case-studies Boise Idaho Law Success Stories | Successful Litigation | Winning Law Firm | Large Settlements - Mahoney Law in Boise have recovered over $40,000,000 for individual and institutional plaintiff clients. We have successfully won medical negligence, personal injury, birth injury, product liability and commercial litigation suits. Mahoney Law is a Boise, Idaho Law Firm specializing in Litigation and Medical Malpractice suits.
  • http://www.patrickmahoneylaw.com/patrick-mahoney Successful Litigation Attorney | Winning Personal Injury Attorney | Medical Malpractice Law Expert | Boise Attorney - PASSIONATE ABOUT YOUR REPRESENTATIONPatrick Mahoney is the principal of the Boise, Idaho law firm, Mahoney Law, PLLC, and has practiced law in Idaho for sixteen years. Patrick is an authority on commercial litigation, product liability, unsafe products, child injury, medical malpractice, personal injury, insurance claims, and Idaho employment laws.

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  • OverExposed22 - Worth every cent!

    I thoroughly enjoy this keyboard. The lighting is a little gimmicky, but I expected that when purchasing. They can be distracting, but are entertaining and ultimately can be turned off in the settings. In my opinion its better to have and not want, than to need and not have. The construction of the product seems durable. I purchased it for gaming purposes, specifically World of Warcraft, and for that application it's definitely overkill. If you've never used a mechanical keyboard (as was the case for me) they are significantly louder than traditional membrane keyboards when typing and pressing the key in general. So there is some getting used to that aspect and maybe a deal breaker if you play in the same room as others ie door rooms, or living rooms. The plus side of it is that you know when you have successfully pressed a key both by feel and the audible click that is made when using this keyboard. The most accurate description I can give without one hearing it is it compares very closely to a typewriter. As a techhead and gamer I overall love it. The detachable cord design of this model definitely noteworthy.While i've never had a keyboard cable get a short or become damaged as i dont travel with my keyboard or move it often, but the ability to replace just a cable if the one supplied should fail is definitely a plus. The keyboard side of this cable is a micro usb so I have several compatable cables just laying around the house. The keys are great and will be easy to clean when the time comes. I'm trying to think of other stuff to comment on that other may want to know before purchasing. To sum it up,if you are on the fence and are reading this review, pull the trigger. I love this keyboard, it's definitely worth the money, and I have no regrets after using for a few days. If I encounter issues or problems i'll update this comment.

  • Donna Robertson - HDTV Antenna

    This works really well. I ordered it for my son. He was very excited how many channels he could get with the antenna only.

  • zachswifey - Waste of a lot of money!

    I did a lot of research, as most do, when spending this much on a stroller for my toddler and new baby. I was very excited when we got this stroller because of all that it promises. Unfortunately i could not be more disappointed. This stroller is the worst $700 i have ever spent but now i am stuck with it and i hate it more every time i have to use it. I wish so bad that i would have went with a BOB double or a phil and teds. As others have noted it is NOT equipped to handle 2 children. Honestly i do not even know that it is good for one child. When just my toddler rides in the top if he leans at all in one direction the stroller pulls really hard in that direction. My husband is the jogger and he refuses to jog with this stroller. He said it is more of a pain than it is worth and would rather use a regular/non-jogging stroller than this one. When a taller child rides in the bottom of the stroller the sun shade is constantly in his or her face. I do not mean a really tall or above average height toddler. I mean a average height 2 year old. We were not concerned with how small the stroller folds down since we have a large SUV. However this stroller is so HEAVY and awkward to try to pick up and get out of my SUV. Being a mom i want to be able to do this by myself. It is possible but i look like a fool getting my butt kicked by a stroller. I would not recommend this stroller to anyone for any purpose in mind.

  • Ryan - Keeps wine fresh a few days longer

    I am a big fan of this wine saver pump. While it does not extend the life of a bottle of wine for a long period of time, it is nice to have an extra few days before beginning to notice a difference in taste. The mechanism is easy to manage, with a very discernible "click" when you no longer need to pump. For a half-filled bottle, I tend to need about 10 pumps. If you find it difficult or painful to work with your hands, fear not, as this pump's mechanism is very smooth.

  • Bobcat1948 - Great product

    My wife and I both use Nioxin and find it meets our different needs. The savings is tremendous verses purchasing in a hair saloon or store. 95% of the time we order from Amazon. The only reason we don't is if we fail to place the order and don't have time to wait.

  • yrac - Perfect fit easy to install and at the right price

    Perfect fit easy to install and at the right price. Very happy with the product and service. Well done !!!