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  • S. Kohn - How long before MS learns to create a program that works?

    About 10 months ago, after suffering with PCs for 15 years, I went back to Apple and its wonderful products.

  • George Mostoller - 2014 Remaster is Completely Awful

    The 2014 Remaster is terrible. Like so much music remastered these days for mp3 players, it is completely oversaturated, so that the sound is compressed and distorted, and there is almost no dynamic range. The sound file looks like a brick. This type of remaster is what gives digital sound a bad name and makes people long for vinyl. It is perfectly possible to make a great digital remaster, but this is not one of them. Boo!

  • Tom McDade - I originally found this product while on vacation, about ...

    I originally found this product while on vacation, about 500 miles from home, and it seemed to help my pet. Unfortunately, no retailer in my area carries it, so I ordered it (twice!) through Amazon. Both times I received a bottle which does not produce a mousse, just an oily mess. No amount of shaking the bottle will help, it just sprays out as a liquid. The liquid helps with my pet's itching, but the resulting oily fur is not worth the money.

  • Mike's Wife - Nice infuser bottle!

    This is a well made water bottle where all the pieces seem to be well thought out. The top cap even has a little metal latch if you want to secure it shut. I like that it is BPA free. The only point of confusion is whether it's dishwasher safe...I couldn't tell as it's not labeled. My gut says it probably is, but I'd stick to top rack to be safe.

  • best book on casino's - best book on casino's

    I love this book and buy the new version every year. The coupons are great and I have learned about all the casino's in the US. It is very informative. And very reasonably priced.

  • Lisa A Gallo - Rustoleum Countertop Transformations

    We decided to overhaul our kitchen ourselves, because we were on a tight budget. We had existing cabinets and counters that were worn and dated, and we installed new unfinished cabinets and a countertop on the opposite wall. We needed to refinish everything so it matched, and we decided to use Rustoleum's Countertop and Cabinet Transformation products to make that happen.

  • Tom Anacleto - Great system for the gamer who also like movies

    there is so much more to this sytem that just games. for a person like me who loves gaming but also enjoys watching tv and movies, this sytem is so awesome. The ability to snap to movies from any point while in a game without losing where you are is really useful. I really like the hdmi pass through for your cable box. The tv listing page is redone through your xbox and get rid of the guide used by dish network, but you can still use dish guide if you want but xboxes is so much better, with more info, i dont see anyone useing the old way. The system itsef is quite nice looking, this i found shocking since the online prereviews said it was ugly. far from it. its a well made very nice looking system. its also completly quiet, cant hear anything and runs cool to the touch, even in my very tight entertainment center. THIS THING FEELS VERY NEXT GEN TO ME. wHAT AN UPGRADE. The kenect is also a major step forward. this thig is very accurate and fun to use. i really like how it signs me in when i walk in front of it. I also love that the contoller doesnt have to binded to a perticular person. just hand the controller to your friend and the kenect sees this and binds it to that person, very neat. My biggest complaint would be so minor that i barly want to say, I dont like the new system of reporting just unlocked achievements. This is not as easy as the old method. All in all, a very great sytem and i am as happy as i could be. With all the lies that were being reported before this thing came out, i was expecting a lot less.