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Peyronie’s Disease and Curved Penis Information - A Doctor’s personal experience when he developed Peyronie's disease and information for anyone dealing with a bent penis caused by Peyronie’s plaque within

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  • Daisy - Ehhh

    I was really disappointed in the game difference between 13 and 14. Not a fan of the songs or setup

  • C Mathews - It seems good, but most of today's GARMIN or other navigational ...

    I plan on taking this on a cross country trip in a couple weeks. I will update this review if it's more of a help than I anticipate. It seems good, but most of today's GARMIN or other navigational systems will also give you this same info. My husband chided me for ordering it, but we will see if it's worth the purchase price over the course of this trip.

  • Javier Escobales - Quick response and code that worked

    Received the code by email about 2 hours after purchase. The code worked and I have a lvl 100 mew. :3


    Works excellent to cover up hair loss and seems to stay put after applying hair spray but several times I've had to stop using this product because I developed shortness of breath and a nasty cough that wouldn't go away after using it for a few weeks. Sometimes when I blow my nose I can see some fibers on the tissue. The fibers are so fine that they become airborne throughout the day as you move around. Even if you use hairspray to lock them down. The slightest touch sends them off. I think I'm just gonna give up on my hair and shave it.. Bummer.

  • Jake - Cracking the MCAT

    Great product and awesome prep material for the MCAT. I recommend using it as a reference and supplement to the required courses of the pre-medical curriculum, NOT as a stand-alone or solitary study guide.

  • Irem - Good stuff!

    Wife got this for me. Smells pleasant and I had a noticeable softness in my beard in about 4 days of use. Will clear up any dryness and not as much itching or dead skin (it was 90 degrees and this was huge)

  • L. T. - Buyer Beware

    Buyer beware! Unless you know CAD pretty well, and how AutoCAD works, don't look to Autodesk for any help! Although they will be happy to help you for $85-200.00 per incident. I had no idea that once you get your product up and registered, that they really no longer want to talk with you. Even when you go through their e-mail channels, suppport is lacking terribly. I read somewhere about this issue, but choose not to listen carefully.