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  • Robtonic - This stuff will make it look like you drank the contents of a highlighter but I ...

    This stuff will make it look like you drank the contents of a highlighter but I passed my test. Was it this stuff or was it just my body processing stuff out naturally....who knows. But better safe than sorry!

  • Rae J. - Didn't Live Up to My Expectations

    I wanted to ADORE this product and the scent was what almost seduced into doing so. If you love coconut, the scent will not disappoint. However, it personally made my hair feel dry and crackly and not truly moisturized. I couldn't bear the texture and was afraid to comb through and have my hair break. So, I washed my hair with my old shampoo and conditioner and felt better. It's not all-natural as advertised either, look up some of the ingredients. Although, to give credit, it does not contain as many harsh/harmful chemicals as other brands. It is gentle despite having an ingredient or two that cannot qualify as organic. I used it on my younger sister's hair and it worked fine. My sister's hair is thicker and wavy, and mine is also thick but curlier. So certain hair types can benefit more :]

  • Ronald T. Schneider - What a complete waste of money and time! Stay far far away from the iHealth Blood Pressure Monitoring System!

    What a piece of garbage! I was having heart pains in my chest so I thought that I had better take my blood pressure. This device seemed like it would fit the bill. I took my blood pressure for three months and it consistently indicated high blood pressure. The visits at the Cardiologist and my doctors office indicated that my blood pressure was normal! The nurse at my last trip to the Cardiologist took a look at the device and said that it was not accurate and that there was no way that she could calibrate it. So, I wasted my money, and I wasted my time the last three months taking my blood pressure two or more times a day! On the bright side, I am not going to die anytime soon from a heart attack.

  • trevor denham - must read the directions i give you

    you have to use the drink right..quit smoking atleast 72 hours before...no fatty fodds the whole day before, no cigarettes or any other toxins including sugar...i reccomend a salad the night before with little dressing, also no food the day of your detox drink....pee in toilet first, stop the flow mid stream and fill cup and then finish in the toilet again...worked 6 months in a row on adult probation and they stopped testing me...

  • JasonInTulsa - Intuit Hates Mac Users

    Intuit obviously doesn't want my business as a Mac user. They consistently produce inferior products for the Mac, their support is garbage, and now, in order to run OSX Lion, you have to upgrade to QB 2011. Just to make it more painful, Intuit has priced their "upgrade" $10 high than the cost of buying a full version of QB 2011 on Amazon. Thanks for showing me you don't want my business, Intuit.

  • Bob Longmire - Fantastic product and apps

    I purchased this premium package before I got my iPad based on it's reputation. This product lives up to, and exceeds, my expectations. This is the best supported and most functional app/product I have ever owned. It is a must buy for all iPhone/iPad users. Accept no substitutes this is the real deal supported by a slew of apps.

  • Love2ServetheLord - Customer Experience In My Opinion: The product was horrible

    First let me clarify this is my opinion of Roxio Creator 2011. I build software for a living so I am not a "beginner" who does not know how software should work. My system has alot of RAM (at least 24G), high processor speed, and lot's of Hard Disk space and my system is maintained well. The only application that has not performed well is the Roxio Creator 2011. When working with videos you need an application that can handle the load - this is critical when making a decision to purchase.