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Phil Williams Kinesiology - Carlton & Taggerty - Phil Williams Kinesiology. Your first session will take about an hour and 15 minutes. I will take a history from you relating to your past and presenting health issues.

  • http://www.philwilliams.com.au/why-kinesiology/ Why Kinesiology - Phil Williams Kinesiology - Why Kinesiology. When something goes wrong with our body we often seek explanations for the dis-ease only in terms of a dysfunctional physiology.
  • http://www.philwilliams.com.au/kineseologist-melbourne%e2%80%90and-taggerty/ Services and Bookings - Phil Williams Kinesiology - Services and Bookings. Each session is for one hour unless you request an hour and a half. $100.00 per one hour session. Carlton, Melbourne and Taggerty.
  • http://www.philwilliams.com.au/about%e2%80%90phil-%c2%adwilliams%c2%ad-kineseologist/ Phil Williams - Qualified Kinesiology Practitioner - Phil Williams: In 1970 I entered Law School and five years later I commenced to practice. For the next 25 years I often asked myself why.
  • http://www.philwilliams.com.au/kineseology%e2%80%90book/ The Energetic Structure of Man - My Book - Phil Williams - The Energetic Structure of Man. A book entitled “The Energetic Structure of Man – a journey into consciousness” will be out later this year or early next year.
  • http://www.philwilliams.com.au/contact-phil-williams-kineseology/ Contact - Phil Williams Kinesiology - Carlton & Taggerty - Contact: Phil Williams practises in Carlton & Taggerty. 7/357 Rathdowne Street, Carlton: 0421 872 455 Availability: Tuesday 10am –7pm & Wednesday 9am – 12pm

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