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Pillcheck | Discover Precision - Pillcheck provides a medication response test that uncovers how effectively medications work with your body and helps limit potential adverse side effects

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  • larry lawrence - as described..... this stuff works ...

    as described.....this stuff works when pushing coolant into crank case or combustion chambers but maybe not when pushing combustion gases into cooling system which is common on subaru 2.5 ....but worth the extra cash when compared to other cheap miracle cures that can cause lots of restriction problems elsewhere in cooling systems.

  • William Wilmot - Best look elsewhere

    I was looking for some good data. I was looking for a fresh perspective. I was looking for excellent content... you'll find none here. Just the same old stuff over and over again. I wish I would have read the description closer. This book only has 68 pages and most of them hardly have any content on them at all. I read this book in less than 2 hours and am extremely dissatisfied. This seems more like a school paper than a book. I really can't believe I spent my money on this. I thought sure, it is on Amazon, it has to be of quality. What a load of crap. This thing isn't even printed evenly. The pages have huge headers and footers... not like an inch, but more like 2 inches each. The left and right margins are almost non-existent. Not only that, but the author makes claims about satellites that just aren't true. For instance, the author writes that it is impossible for the XM satellites to be only over North America. With 10 seconds of research you can prove that this is indeed possible with geosynchronous orbit. That alone made me want to destroy this book. Oh yeah, and any book that tells me to go to YouTube to watch a video first????? What a joke!!!!!! Do yourself a favor, get a different book. You need not read any further.

  • Amazon Customer - Amazing!! My teeth are super white and it ...

    Amazing!! My teeth are super white and it is so easy to use. I tried crest white strips before and couldn't do it because it made my teeth super super sensitive. I have not had any type of sensitivity with your kit only thing is super white teeth! No discomfort whatsoever. I am just very pleased with your product and I have recommended it to everyone I know !