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Santa Barbara Acupuncture and Natural Medicine Clinic 805.687.7775 - Points of Health specializes in acupuncture, herbal medicine, clinical nutrition and massage. Serving the Santa Barbara, Goleta and Montecito areas. /

  • http://www.pointsofhealth.org/about.html About Points of Health: Santa Barbara, Montecito Acupuncture - Points of Health helps you reach your health and wellness goals through acupuncture and natural medicine. Office visits or house calls. 805.687.7775.
  • http://www.pointsofhealth.org/practitioners.html Points of Health Santa Barbara Natural Health Practitioners - Erik and Stacy Smith, Points of Health cofounders, specialize in acupuncture, infertility, and nutrition at their Santa Barbara acupuncture clinic.
  • http://www.pointsofhealth.org/about_tcm.html Traditional Chinese Medicine at Points of Health Santa Barbara 805.687.7775 - Points of Health practices Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in Santa Barbara to balance the body, mind and spirit. Book an appointment 805.687.7775.
  • http://www.pointsofhealth.org/mission.html Points of Health: Goleta, Santa Barbara, Montecito Acupuncture 805.687.7775 - Points of Health is devoted to integrating the use of acupuncture and natural medical therapies with western medical care. Contact us at 805.687.7775.
  • http://www.pointsofhealth.org/allservices.html Points of Health - All Services - Points of Health at 2958 State Street promotes wellness with natural medicine.
  • http://www.pointsofhealth.org/acupuncture.html Points of Health - Santa Barbara Acupuncture, Montecito Acupuncture - Points of Health acupuncture promotes harmonious flow throughout the body treating many ailments, providing a deep sense of calm and rejuvenation.
  • http://www.pointsofhealth.org/herbalmedicine.html Points of Health - Chinese Herbal Medicine - 805.687.7775 - Points of Health offers the highest quality Chinese herbal medicines as a supportive therapy. Book an appointment at 805.687.7775.
  • http://www.pointsofhealth.org/clinicalnutrition.html Points of Health - Clinical Nutrition - 805.687.7775 - Clinical nutrition at Points of Health Santa Barbara includes detoxification, nutritional counseling, nutritional supplements and more. 805.687.7775
  • http://www.pointsofhealth.org/massage.html Santa Barbara Massage - Swedish, Prenatal, Lyphatic & More - 805.687.7775 - Various massage services offered at Points of Health Santa Barbara. Schedule a massage or purchase a gift certificate - 805.687.7775.
  • http://www.pointsofhealth.org/qigong.html Santa Barbara Qi Gong at Points of Health Acupuncture Clinic – 805.687.7775 - Qi Gong Chinese exercise instruction in Santa Barbara at Points of Health Acupuncture Clinic. Schedule a private instruction at 805.687.7775.
  • http://www.pointsofhealth.org/housecalls.html Santa Barbara, Montecito Acupuncture House Calls by Points of Health - Points of Health offers house calls for acupuncture, herbal medicine and nutrition counseling servicing Santa Barbara areas & Montecito. 805.687.7775.
  • http://www.pointsofhealth.org/conditions_treated.html Points of Health Acupuncture Clinic Treats Many Conditions - Points of Health Acupuncture Clinic treats many conditions such as fertility, pain, digestive, neurological, facial rejuvenation & more. 805.687.7775.
  • http://www.pointsofhealth.org/new_patients.html Points of Health Acupuncture Clinic Santa Barbara - New Patient Info - Santa Barbara Acupuncture Clinic Points of Health always welcomes new patients. We look forward to seeing you! Call 805.687.7775 for an appointment.
  • http://www.pointsofhealth.org/testimonials.html Points of Health Santa Barbara Acupuncture Clinic Testimonials - PSanta Barbara acupuncture testimonials for Points of Health for a variety of services treated. Schedule an appointment by calling 805.687.7775.
  • http://www.pointsofhealth.org/gallery.html Points of Health Santa Barbara Acupuncture Sessions - Purchase Santa Barbara acupuncture sessions online in promotionally-priced packages. Call Points of Health at 805.687.7775 for more details.
  • http://www.pointsofhealth.org/resources.html Santa Barbara Health Resources by Points of Health - Points of Health Acupuncture Clinic recommends supporting local Santa Barbara and Montecito health resources on your path to wellness!
  • http://www.pointsofhealth.org/contact.html Contact Information for Points of Health Acupuncture Clinic - 805.687.7775 - Points of Health is located across from the Bird Refuge, easily accessible from Montecito or the 101 freeway. Call 805.687.7775 for directions.
  • http://www.pointsofhealth.org/fertility.html Points of Health - Fertility - Overcome your fertility challenges naturally. Our Fertile Ground Program is designed to help you achieve the reproductive balance necessary to conceive, carry and deliver a healthy baby.
  • http://www.pointsofhealth.org/pain.html Points of Health - Pain - Points of Health will change your idea of what healthcare can be. Services include acupuncture, herbal medicine, clinical nutrition, massage, natural health products and qi gong.
  • http://www.pointsofhealth.org/injury.html Points of Health - Injury & Surgery Recovery Program - If you have suffered an injury, want to avoid surgery, or would like to speed your recovery from a necessary surgery, Points of Health in Santa Barbara, Ca can help.

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    This is a fabulous umbrella. I love the inverted design for those highly windy days. No more broken umbrellas for this family.

  • Dallas - Informative.

    Got this because it was free and it tells alot of useful information. Would easily recommend this to anyone curious about credit.

  • Amazon Customer - I finally found the national park book I have been searching for

    Love this book! Very well organized. Have not seen another come close to the quality of photos provided or the info written for each of the 59 parks. It's going to help me decide which parks I really want to see in retirement, as well as to educate me about parks I never knew existed. It could be outdated soon though as it does provide names of places to stay and eat which certainly change. But for now it's certainly exactly what I have been searching for.

  • valeen - strong connection and sweet moments

    Amanda (Boots) and Mark's story is well written and they have a strong connection and sweet moments. Boots is the maid of honor for her cousin Liv at her wedding in South Africa to the Brightside's lead singer, Berkeley. Mark is the bass player and Berkeley's best man. It's sort of a clichéd theme, but it works well here. Boots is a doctor hoping for a residency in plastic surgery and she's really driven to succeed in her chosen field. You would think a relationship between an intense, driven doctor and a rock star wouldn't even be an option, but it's precisely why it is so good. Opposites attract and all that.

  • matthew - problems downloading

    I am having the same problem with downloading the new magazine. I have been a subscriber for many years an have had it on my kindle for the past year. Since this new process has come out I am unable to download any current magazines!! This is frustrating

  • Marisa Lawson - good so far!

    I'm not sure about the results just yet, for my butt, but when I put it on my breasts they get larger (: