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POWER CONECTOR - - Pioneros en innovación de acoplamientos eléctricos - Somos una organización que brinda soluciones de conexión eléctrica a la minería, industria , construcción, energía e hidrocarburos, a través de la fabricación de conectores electromecánicos con altos estándares de calidad, bajo normativas internacionales generando valor a nuestros clientes.

Country:, North America, US

City: -84.636 Michigan, United States


    You are required to connect ALL the time, So guess what YOU CANT play when you want ONLY when EA wants you too.. Also, If you do manage to play for an hour. And you get booted from the server, it only saves on the cloud, so you lose everything.. TRUST EVERYBODY ELSE, SAVE YOUR MONEY AND AVOID.. greedy EA has destroyed this as most of the other games that were great a once.

  • Kimberly Agomuo - Pretty good

    It's pretty fun to use but it could definitely use some more space or a better format for you to use the planner itself

  • William C Phillips - Worth the time from both sides of the political spectrum

    I am a conservative and during the election season many of my friends told me to check this movie out. I was skeptic because i tend to hate partisan documentaries. I was surprised how neutral the first two thirds of this movie are.

  • Jonie - Cleaning machine

    I am a tech geek, self-proclaimed that is. I needed something I could just turn on and let it run and clean out the gunk. Sure I have all the free toys, but this one found what those others did not.


    This has been the absolute biggest waste of money EVER - and I used to do all those auto-ship CD memberships back in the day. The stuff doesn't work - plain and simple. I was told to give it more time and not only did they swear it would work, but the auto-delivery discount would kick in and I'd save about $50.

  • S. Tintin - works well with other products

    I'm 43, female, have had mild cystic acne off and on for 17 years, and in the last few years my go-to remedies (antibiotics and Retin-A) completely stopped working. Two months ago, my acne was getting so bad that I didn't want to leave the house. Since no "one" product had ever worked, I decided to try three products together, and 4 weeks later, my acne is gone. Here are the three products: Yogi Skin DeTox Tea, Acne Free Maximum Strength, and the 0.5mm MT Skin Roller. It took a full 4 weeks to get consistently clear skin. I did get one bump around the two week mark, and I had some old bumps that took a full 4 weeks to clear up. Here's what to do:

  • Francisco M Guzman C - my review

    my previous experience with the brand was great and this product was as expected I love it. totally recommended 100%