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  • clubkobe - Why does this taste so bad?

    Tastes horrible. Maybe I got a bad batch. I tried it, yuck, put it aside, tried it again a couple months later, I felt like I was going to vomit. Out it went in the garbage, almost a full container. No idea if it works or not, as I just couldn't stomach it.

  • Corbett White - Baby Blue

    You would not think that a band called Badfinger would write or perform a song like this but, they did and it is one of my favorite songs from the 70's. I thank Breaking Bad for using this song because it put a new spark of life back into the song and introduced it to a new generation while bringing back great memories from an older one. Also this is the download you want to get if you want this song. This remaster sounds great. It is sharp, loud, and clear. You hear both the music and words without any cut out or fade out. I have looked at other downloads of this song and they are of poor quality and sound like they are in the background and maybe even recorded off of an old 45. So if you like Badfinger or just want the song because your a Breaking Bad fan this is the one to get.

  • samy - good pill for all pregnant and lactating mothers

    Got this for my sister who is currently nursing her few month old baby. She takes some store brand multivitamins. Which infwas nt helping her as she was so tired whole day and no energy to do any stuff. She feeds her baby and afterward she was feeling super tired. After starting these pills she said she got her energy back. She doesn't feel tired any more nd do her work more efficiently with baby now. I thought these are more effective. Very easy to take ad no strng smell which is usually hard art for pregnant women to take.

  • Sara Flood - Great toy when I finally got it working

    This is the second leapfrog toy I've gotten through Amazon that has been broken upon arrival. My daughter could not play with it after waiting for weeks to finally get it. Leapfrog was great about replacing it for us, and my 3 1/2 year old loves it. She's learning how to write her letters and this has a great app for that. It's miserably slow at loading things, taking pictures and switching games, but the kids love it and learn from it. I would recommend it, but know it's not up to the typical standards of most things we adults are used to playing with- ie iphones, ipads etc... I don't have it in a case and it's been dropped a bazillion times already and seems to hold up fine. And, both my kids still prefer my iPhone to the Leap Pad.