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  • Julie4Ian - Captivating

    I purchased the Guinness Book of World Records 2013 for my 10 yr old nephew for Christmas. When it arrived (really fast with prime shipping) I could not stop reading it myself! I didn't want to open to book all the way or crease any of the pages, so I did read through & looked at the great photos very carefully. But once I wrapped it, I could hardly wait to give it to him, mainly so I could read it more!

  • Florida Gator Lady - No complaints!

    Purchased for friend and she has done well with this in spite of bland taste. She said she had to add Splenda & blend with ice but it was ok. Happy with sellers fast turnaround on shipping. Recommend to all.

  • Charles O. Hall - Great hose - I will buy no other.

    I have had a problem with my hoses bursting this summer - 70 psi. I have a couple of black hoses that hold the pressure just fine but the other heavy duty garden hoses that I have purchased this summer lased t hardly a week - even though I have tried several different brands. After doing research on hoses I purchased a high pressure contractors hose but had difficulty handling it - too heavy. I purchased the Gilmour 8-ply and it is exactly what I had been looking for. It holds the pressure without bursting, doesn't kink too badly, and slides across the grass easily. I wish that I had found it sooner but none of my local hardware/big box stores carry Gilmour hoses. As long as I can find them on Amazon I don't ordering them online.