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  • Chris M. - We will see how they do… Seems someone already returned this set

    First off it appears the set I received was previously returned, the box has a sticker that says it was repackaged by amazon and the items inside had been stuffed back into the box in a way that the items were bent and do not fit the truck the way they should and only two of them were in plastic inside the box. I am hoping the heat from the truck sitting outside in the summer sun will help relax the plastic a bit and they will fit better. When I buy something I expect it new in box, not returned and stuffed back into the box.

  • Raven Rivers - Amazing brand

    Mommys bliss is an awesome brand! These probiotics are gentle on baby's tummy! My little one had positive results in just one dosage. He has colic and the doctor recommended probiotics to help. These definitely helped him

  • Mary Catherine S. - Totally worth the money for peace of mind!

    I bought this more expensive device to use as a ranger extender when we had to set up a home office that required the modem/router to be upstairs. Our home is about 2400 sq feet, with the office in a bonus room upstairs. I have this unit located at the bottom of the stairs and we have Comcast Xfinity internet.

  • Buto - I must have if you own iphone,ipad,ipod touch !!!

    If you don't want a table full of remote controls and you have an iphone , ipad or ipod touch this is a MUST have. This small accessory that simply plugs into one of the above listed devices. The applications are free to download from the app store. I purchased the full kit and found that the ir blaster works so well I can be on my rear deck and control the volume to my entire house audio system. It also works great as keyboard and track pad for my media pc. It also lets you make you own remote controls with the free "TabulaRasa" app. So here is what I have it controlling my TV, my audio system, my media pc, my cable box, my lights, my remote power point presenter, my apple remote etc. There are many more on the app site to download. They have an app called : IWavitFlow" that puts all the remote controls in a nice single view you just swipe the screen to find your remote. Download the apps and see them on your device you wont be disappointed.