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  • Maria Medley - It worked great for me

    I got this because I had impaired movement and a severe osteoarthritis in my left hip. It worked great for me. After my total hip replacement it has been a life saver as far as stretching, modified yoga moves, pilates moves and overall strength training. I'm getting back to my old self slowly but surely.

  • ZiltoidTheOmniscient - Not a Smart Charger: Slow and potentially DANGEROUS!

    I bought this to go along with some Energizer 9V rechargeables that were also a mistake. I recently got a wireless in-ear monitor system that requires a 9V battery in the receiver. Never needing rechargeable 9V batteries before, I mistakenly chose this charger, which upon closer inspection recharges 9V batteries at a paltry 30mA, requiring about six hours to recharge Energizer's 175mAh 9V batteries. For more on the stupidity of only having 175mAh capacity in their 9Vs, see my review on their product page.

  • Amazon Customer - Webroot

    Best software I've ever used was Zone Alarm. I would still be using it if they had a CD again 2 yrs ago. I always buy a new CD every year instead of just a subscription. That way, if my computer dies, I don't have to download 5 yrs worth of updates, just install the CD and this yr's updates.

  • OwNer - Good product to improve running efficiency as well.

    First time I had a chance to use my moov this morning. Used in conjunction with Garmin forerunner 125 and runkeeper on iPhone 5s to compare.

  • Malissa A. Yocum - LOVE it! Perfect for my olive complexion

    got it in my ipsy bag. LOVE it! Perfect for my olive complexion! Will be true to this blush, it's perfect!!

  • Emily - Fine for the everyday cook, but there's certainly better out there.

    Pretty good pan. Could be better, could be worse. I've only had a few issues with warping but nothing I haven't seen in pans double the price of this. I like them for my everyday use and they've never given me a problem. However, the adhesive holding the label on didn't come off after being soaked in Goo Gone! Yeesh, overzealous much, Norpro? I really don't want glue cooked into my food. make it easier to get off! Overall though, these are ok pans for the everyday cook. Overall, I was satisfied with these.

  • M. A. Passero - Great quality.

    Great quality...fits well. I suggest buyers go to youtube and check out how to install this fuel door assembly, it's easier than trying to understand the